Awesome Pepsi Commercial Is Samurai Meets Shadow Of The Colossus...

Awesome Pepsi Commercial Is Samurai Meets Shadow of the Colossus...

Meets Pepsi! Don't forget that. Oh, and set in some desert wasteland. The soft drink's latest string of commercials star actor Shun Oguri and remind me of PS2 classic Shadow of the Colossus.

Here is the first commercial in the series (note that this is the long version).

And the second part (also, the long version).

Pepsi Nex(t) Zero [Official Site]


    I don't get this commercial xD

      Its not finished, this is only the zero and first episode (not sure, my japs not too good)

    Makes me want to wear a bandana more than drinking Pepsi..

    What a waste of an ad. If you want the masses to buy your product, at least promote said product more visually throughout the ad.

    sooo....coke is the lava colossus and pepsi is the samurai?

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