Do You Still Play The Last Of Us Multiplayer?

Video: I'm curious how many of you still sneak and creep on each other, given how many good multiplayer games have come out since last year. This trailer shows what's new in this week's DLC — new maps, new abilities and new difficulty for the singleplayer campaign.


    I still play it pretty often, it's always slow to find a game and chances are even less people will be playing the dlc.

    Yes I do actually, if only to try and reach those damn two trophies!

    nope, especially not now with that launcher cheese

    I did for a while in the beginning. (GF liked watching the story so I would play that while she was around and MP when she wasnt) But about the time I completed the game I started to play less and less.

    It was kinda fun though when your team clicked as a group, chaos when they dodn't

    Only played it for the first time about two weeks ago. Fun enough, but playing with the wider world means having arse handed to me thoroughly.

    Nope. Played one game, discovered there was no local search option and I was playing with people from Swedan.

    I know I sound like a broken record but it really is a big deal.

    I never started with TLOU multiplayer. Finished single player and that was that.

    I haven't played it in ages but I'll definitely go back once it's out on ps4 with the DLC

    It was really good fun, and a true change of pace from the usual. That said, I stopped playing it as I heard it was coming to PS4. Looking forward to replaying it all over again and hopefully this time, getting platinum.

    I love it. A good break from GTA V and CoD. I have a mate living OS and I sent him a copy. When we are both free we always jump on to talk smack while catching up and shank people.

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