Grab The Lost Vikings And Rock n' Roll Racing Free From Blizzard

Late last year, Blizzard made its classic platformer Blackthrone free to all users, going so far as to wrap it up in a nice, DOSBox layer making it easy to fire up on modern operating systems. Now the developer has unwrapped more relics from its back catalogue, with The Lost Vikings and Rock n' Roll Racing available for zilch to interested gamers.

As Gamasutra's Alex Wawro writes, all you have to do is log into your account and hit up the Game Management page, where the aforementioned aging goodies will be waiting. Like Blackthrone, The Lost Vikings is pumped through DOSBox, however, it looks like Racing is running via ZSNES — an emulator for Super Nintendo games — and isn't exactly the full version, featuring just a few tracks.

Still, hard to say no to free. I never finished The Lost Vikings, so now might be the time to kick that one out of the park.

Rock n' Roll Racing, The Lost Vikings now free on [Gamasutra]


    still have my SNES copy of the lost vikings. a digital take anywhere copy sounds awesome!!

    Now just waiting on ye olde Warcraft 1 and/or 2

    I grabbed a copy of Rock n Roll Racing in Japan because it was 50 yen so why the hell not. Disappointed to get back and find that it has anti region-free stuff in it, so I can't get the damn thing to work at all :P

    Should get back to Lost Vikings, that was fun.

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    Umm, the game is Blackthorne, not Blackthrone. Easy mistake to make though I guess.

    I remember playing Lost Vikings on the SNES, awesome game. The Lost Vikings 2 was also pretty awesome.

    I downloaded Rock n Roll Racing as its one of my favorite classic games.

    For any fans of the game who want to replay it for the hell of it, I would say don't bother

    It's literally a stripped down rom, with some horrible music loop playing (which is not part of the ROM I might add)

    You can literally switch the rom image with the full game (which is easily obtainable on the internet) and it will fire up the full game, although the terrible music drowns everything else out.

    so just play it via an emulator.

    Also I prefer the Mega Drive (Genesis) version as it's the one I played growing up, and I kinda prefer the music off that version (even though everyone says the SNES version is better)

      It's a pity the version of Lost Vikings is the PC version which has no gamepad support and inferior MIDI music. The SNES version was so much better, and I wish they released an emulated version of that rather than the PC version.

    I guess Blizzard realised Rock n' Roll Racing still had some popularity after the shenanigans with Motor Rock.

    Rock and roll racing !!! I want on ios !!

    I'd love to get a HD update of Warcraft 1 & 2.

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