If You’re A Geek In Atlanta, You Should Visit Battle & Brew

If You’re A Geek In Atlanta, You Should Visit Battle & Brew

On no less than two separate occasions have I ventured to the Atlanta’s Battle & Brew game bar, with the intention of writing a feature on the popular hangout for fans of video games, e-sports, anime and everything else under the brilliant geek sun. Now that they have made their own promotional video, I don’t have to. Whew.

If only I’d known of the Battle & Brew before I became a father — I might not be a father right now, which I guess would be bad. I’ve been lured there several times by Chef Lu Bu, ex-Gamestop manager and the most ridiculously passionate fan of the Dynasty Warriors games in the entire universe. Note his tattoo.

Battle & Brew is a bar, so there is booze. It is a game bar, so there are games. During popular e-sports events, it’s a freaking zoo. On Wednesday nights (unless they moved it) they do Geek Trivia, which can get pretty brutal. Monday is anime night. Who knows what they do then.

Chef Lu Bu makes the food, and he’s all about eating healthy. He once served me a pizza that was nearly 100 per cent cholesterol. It was delicious.

If You’re A Geek In Atlanta, You Should Visit Battle & Brew

Anyway, if you’re in the Atlanta area and don’t mind driving around the tiny parking lot cursing at the top of your lungs because all the damn spots are taken, then stop by Battle & Brew and say hello. Drink some things. Play some things. Honestly it’s one of the most welcoming bar-type-places I’ve ever been, and I spook easily.

And if you’re not in Atlanta, share your favourite gamer hangouts in the comments section! Who knows when the veil of witness protection will fail and I’ll need to relocate.

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