Man Plays Portal With His 3 Year Old Daughter. It's The Cutest Thing Ever

You may remember Lance E. McDonald is the creator of the upcoming game Black Annex, the modern game built completely in Basic, but Lance has now reinvented himself as a YouTube superstar. Actually, the real star is his three year old daughter Penny. Earlier this week they played Dark Souls II together and it was the cutest thing ever. Now they're playing Portal 2, or as his daughter calls it, 'ORDAL'!

This is too cute. I mean literally too cute. I can't bear the cute.

"Are we going to give the lady some cake?"

According to Penny 'Ordal' is a game about a lady, a cake and a tiny little robot. She's right. And she's hilarious.

More of this please!


    "Go down the alligator." Ha ha. Kids say the darndest things!

    Poor Penny, she doesn't know....the cake is a lie.

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