Nearly Three Minutes Of Mario Kart 8's Antics

Nintendo's latest trailer for their upcoming kart racer gives us a glimpse at the various pretty new tracks we'll race on, the items we'll annoy opponents with, and... damn, that boomerang looks super irritating.

The trailer landed alongside Nintendo's big 36-minute Mario Kart 8 Direct, which you can see here. It's significantly heavier on the information, if you're into that kind of thing.

Mario Kart 8 will be released on the Wii U on May 30.

Mario Kart 8 - More New Features Trailer [Nintendo@Youtube]


    This looks insane. I can't wait.

    A bit disappointing to see that yet again they are recycling old tracks (the desert track they showed was from Double Dash) but regardless, it looks awesome.

      A bit of nostalgia never hurt nobody :-)

        I do enjoy some of the older tracks. They always add a heap of both anyway :)

    I'm not too worried about the recycling of tracks. It doubles the track count, which is never a bad thing. And in this installment, at the very least, the anti-grav redesigns look to change things up a bit :)

      Well I guess the point is that you can have double the amount of tracks if those recycled tracks were originals, too.

        That's definitely true! I guess what I'm saying is that since Super Circuit introduced the Retro Cups, I've found the remade courses neat and an addition, rather than a lazy way of doubling the count.

    I always liked the recycled tracks, as akumajobelmont mentions, double the amount of tracks available. Hoping they'll finally start doing some dlc for this, some additional track packs would also go down well.

      I've wished for DLC tacks since the moment I bought Mario Kart Wii. Hopefully they'll do it with this one.

    24 seconds in, did anyone else chuckle to themselves about bowsers phallus-mobile?

    As a new comer to Nintendo (Getting a WiiU for my birthday from my GF cause I gave her a PS4) and I must say that I never understood how what is essentially a spin off gets so much love... until I tried it with a friend (On 3ds) and it's just a lot of good fun with friends and I really mis that part of gaming with all the serious games... Uncharted, Shooters, Assassins Creed, etc: They have great stories and experiences but lately I find them boring to play and lacking 'fun' let alone friendly couch co-op.

    Also, being a muso that piano track looks like fun =)

      I love the fact even people who don't game can pick it up after a track or two and have fun without feeling like they're missing something, unlike all the games you mentioned.

    That is one thing I love about Nintendo. They make games that are 'fun'. A joy to play.

    I think Nintendo should try something different and maybe do a Mario Kart in the style of Smash Bro's in the sense of bringing characters and items from multiple games. Not to replace MK of course.

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