The Metro Games Are Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

4A Games' grim post-apocalyptic shooters are finally getting the next-gen treatment they deserve with Metro Redux, series publisher Deep Silver announced today. Redux features re-mastered and updated versions of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light and is coming out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

They will also come to PC for any gamers who just want a spiffied-up version of the two excellent games.

Deep Silver didn't say exactly when this will happen other than that it's coming sometime in the next few months. Both games will be available separately as digital downloads for $US24.99. Or they can be bought together as a boxed compilation for $US49.99.


    This is happening too much. First The Last of Us , Modern Warfare Collection and Now this.

    Why don't they make new games for the next gen ! Instead of recycling the same last gen games

      Yeah while I agree with that statement I feel that Graphical Enhancements to games will make them better and more enjoyable. On the other hand I already paid and played most of these games and feel like i'm being taken for a ride that I don't want to go on. I mean we already had these games where is the new stuff. I'm a nostalgic person like anyone else, but I think I would rather play updates of games that are 10+ years old like Nintendo re-doing Ocarina of Time, it was absolutely beautiful and brought back great memories. Honestly didn't see they were re-doing Modern Warfare that is a complete joke, and really not needed. Good point...

        Yeah I have payed for and Played them on last gen and they were great , I would love to see them with graphical enhancements but at the same time would rather see new games.

        Pretty soon there will be more remakes then new releases on the PS4 and Xbox One

      I honestly can't see a problem with it I doubt it takes up much effort to render and port a completed game, just view this as a necessary evil of the next-gen progression.

      I never played these last gen. Basically my ps3 died before I had a chance to play them and the release of the ps4 was too close to buy a replacement ps3. So I for one am stoked these are coming out this gen again.

      Though I can see your frustrations if you have played them prior.

        In your situation it's fantastic , You will love them ! The Devs might very well be doing it to reach out to players who didn't get a chance to play the games last gen.

        I wouldn't expect that mentality from Activision or Infinity ward though... The modern warfare thing is just a bunch of recycled crap polished and shoved back out to make millions , people will buy it like it's going out of fashion though so I can't blame them.

        I have more then enough last gen games I haven't finished to keep me entertained anyway , Until someone breaks the drought for Next-Gen

    Awesome, haven't played them yet so it's the perfect chance to get them now.

      Both a great games, if you have never played them well worth it

    it's not just a port, it's a freakin enhanced remaster!

    the mechanics are updated to make the gameplay more consistent and enjoyable. the lighting and graphics were improved too, and they said it will be running at 1080p @ 60fps. it'll also include all released DLC to date.

    i don't know why the author failed to add any specific details to this article when they've released a bit of info about it. at least joystiq has a more informative article.

    Last edited 23/05/14 11:06 am

      Thanks for the info ! Might make it slightly more appealing

    Last Light was pretty good, I only wish that they used the same voice actor from Metro 2033 for Artyom.

    Great to hear. Loved Metro 2033 on PC back when I actually had a desktop, and I'll get to play the sequel that I was just too busy to play at the time.

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