Watch The First 30 Minutes Of Metro Redux On PlayStation 4

Metro Redux is quite the package, featuring remastered versions of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. For those of you heavily anticipating the release, you can now check out the opening 30 minutes of both remastered games.

You can watch Metro 2033 above and Metro: Last Light below.

It seems like we're being a bit flooded with these 'remastered' versions of existing video games but I actually think the Metro series is as good a candidate for this treatment as you could find. I know people who still using Metro 2033 to test out new computers they've built — it's just one of those games that people want to replay on new technology. So I'm pretty keen to try it out on a brand new console.

I think that’s the reason why it makes a bit of sense, particularly when you add the value of having both games on the same disc. I’m sure the idea is to introduce the series to a brand new group of console gamers as well, since the Metro series has always been seen as something of a PC thing. I’m fairly keen.

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    For a second I read that as Metroid Redux.... :/

    I'm a massive fan of the Metro series, so I'll actually pick this up - especially since I only ever played the original on 360. Will be nice to play it now on a reasonably high-end PC with all the bells and whistles enabled. Plus the added features from Last Light (like weapon customisation) are appreciated.

    I never played them but they have always had me interested, so I am very excited. Shame it got delayed until September, this would have been an ideal distraction until destiny is released!

      Exactly what I came to this article to say.
      Now its a bit too close to Destiny that I may have to give Metro a miss until I am done with Destiny.

    Too bad I've already played both of them. Don't feel compelled enough to buy it.

    I'm giving serious thought to 2033 since it had a lot of wonky things that were admirably fixed in Last Light and could make a replay much nicer. The video for Last Light is going to have to show me something pretty impressive to justify that buy though even with the half price discount for existing owners on steam.

    I basically never pre-order, but I couldn't pass up the 50% saving on steam with having owned both the original games. I'm especially looking forward to Metro 2033 Redux - going back to the original 2033 after Last Light, it was clear that the stealth mechanics were fundamentally flawed, and that the shooting mechanics were not quite as clean, etc. And seeing as though 2033 was the better story of the two, it will be good to go back and play a more well rounded version of it.

    Is there pre-load on his one for digital download? Can't find anything on it so I'm guessing no, which is a shame. With a half decent price and pre-load I'd buy all my day one purchases that way. No more midnight launches.

    .....or rather you get your own midnight launch for every new games. Sweet.

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