The Next Call Of Duty Might Be A Little Different...

Perhaps not in terms of its core mechanics — although they may change too — but the above teaser, which takes the form of an actually-quite-informative documentary, seems to indicate a shift in the themes of Call of Duty, switching its focus away from the idea of fighting for your country to the idea of Private Military Contractors and the commercialisation of war.

It's instantly made me at least 50% more interested in the next Call of Duty.

This mini-documentary has been created in partnership with Vice, who do some top-notch video content. Apparently it's essentially a shrunken down version of a longer investigation by Vice which I'm keen to watch.

If this sort of thematic content makes it into the game, I think it could be interesting. The Call of Duty series has always had a pretty straight-laced American-goodies vs the terrorist-baddies storyline. This has the potential to shake things up a bit.

Apparently the next Call of Duty will be revealed on 4 May. So we'll find out a bit more then.


    Ugh... let's not get started on PMC's, we'll be here all freakin' day exploring why they're the worst thing ever.

      "War... war has changed.... It's no longer about nations, ideologies or ethnicity. It's an endless series of proxy battles, fought by mercenaries and machines. War, and its consumption of life, has become a well-oiled machine" /snake

      Hopefully it is a little different to past COD's, like Serrels said, something different at least makes me slightly more interested, last one I played was the first modern warfare one, COD 4 i think

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        And I thought Serrels was a Metal Gear fan. Surprised he didn't mention anything.

      To paraphrase a very pissed off Sierra Leonan, your face might not have been the one men who were tortured and mutilated saw, nor did it belong to the men who gang raped women young and old. It was not your face that the slaves working in diamond minds or that child soldiers who were forced to rape or kill family members feared and loathed.

      And yet, all the same, it was you. It was you who tortured and mutilated, who raped and murdered, who enslaved and forced to kill.

      Simply put, PMCs are not the best idea ever, but neither are they the worst. There are good ones and bad ones, ones who honor contracts and ones who honor the highest bidder. There are those who vet candidates extremely well, who train and look out for them and who hold their employees to strict standards and then there are those who take whoever is willing and who don't care about morality.

      A good game on PMCs would explore all this in context, compare the PMCs to the alternatives and show the politics going on below the surface.

      Based on the premise mentioned in the video and the fact that this is a CoD game, I suspect that none of that will happen and the plot will be a pale shadow of not only reality, but also what it could be.

    VICE are the best, love everything they do (although some of the stuff in their magazines can be a bit of a wank).

    What I'd be really interested in is if they took CoD in the direction of something along the lines of a SWAT team in an urban environment. Hostage situations with multiple ways to get it done, drug lab busts, riot control with non-lethal weapons. And if the mission went sideways and the action spilled out into the streets you couldn't just spray and pray as you'd be dealing with civilians getting in your way.

    A man can dream.

      I thought that was going to be the premise of the next Rainbow 6 game?

      Call of Duty: Urban Warfare

    At last the've finally given CoD the kick in the arse it needed, Instead of just churning out another Modern Warfare or Black Ops sequel. Colour me interested.

      The concept is sound, but while a great concept can be itself, great, ultimately it's the gameplay that counts. We've gotta hope they change up something noteable about the game to make it stand out from the last few mediocre efforts at least. (Not that it's gonna be hard to be better than Ghosts lol)

        I played COD4 left it for a few years and then got BLOPSII - I mostly focus on multiplayer and aside from having similar controls it's almost a completely different game.

        The key with COD (and any annualised series) is you don't have to get every single one of them - if you leave it a few years the innovations stack up into a different experience!

          COD4 I have ultimate respect for. Amazing game. Same with BLOPS2, great game. Both tried something amazingly different. Even World At War did. Love that one too. But the others just tried the same cut and paste cookie cutter shit and were poorer for it.


          They're the only ones in the long legacy of COD I can stand at this point.

            So I'm guessing the story will be something to do with a PMC going rogue and starting a war..

            This exactly. Weresmurf thank you. I though I was the only person with this exact list.

      I thought the campaign in BLOPS2 was a step forward with the branching storylines and larger explorable levels. I havent played Ghosts, but I hear its a step back.

    I really liked this angle when playing the first Army of Two, so it'll be interesting to see if CoD goes this way, it might bring me back into the fold.

    If you're keen to check out similar stuff, Mark, check out Iraq for Sale and Shadow Company, some of the interview talent from this video were featured in those two doccos.

    the world is becoming more and more like a game of shadowrun

      It is isn't it. Except the underground does not have the cool enhancements to rebel against the crappy world like in Shadowrun so I am bitter about the modern worlds direction still.

      Bring on the Sorcery and implants I say!

        give it time SR is currently set at 2072 so we have a few years yet.
        full VR and AR is in its infantcy still but its a start and implants are getting better

    A great little doco snippet from Vice and it is good news for CoD to be exploring the the world and story lines of PMCs BUT.. CoD still need to improve their gameplay and environments which have kinda plateaued since 2010.

    sounds interesting. I hope that in some way this pushes CoDs narrative in the right direction. Getting into the gritty side of warfare that gets truley controversial like when government bodies pay for pmc groups to do the nasty things that defy the geneva convention or just general warfare practices that go along with being a gun for hire. wpuld be interesting to see some kind of narrative on which america wasn't viewed as the good guy for once haha!

    This looks pretty freaking cool :P

    That said, it very much applies to the same meme following all Call of Duty hype trailers.

    "The war has changed... or has it? Yes... it has changed... or has it.... yes"

    I forget the spoof game that was from, I think it was made by the BF developers or something like that :P

      Shadowstealer7 got it right. Bulletstorm. That was a much better game then anything COD has become.

    Duty Calls, a promo game for Bulletstorm

    Meant to be in reply to @andrewvallis

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      Yep, how good was that little non event of a game. Still love it. ISHI!!! then controlling a T-Rex by remote, good times.

        Bulletstorm was better than anyone gives it credit for. it's probably the most fun single player shooter this generation for my money

    Everyone has already forgotten MAG?

    The video seemed rather alarmist to me. From my understanding, G4S focus primarily on maininting security (i.e. guard duties) and managing justice/prison centres. I'm not aware of the company actually sending soldiers into conflics and more or less working for sinister clients.

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