The Next Gorgeous Game Coming To PS4

The Next Gorgeous Game Coming To PS4

Move out of the way, Infamous: Project Cars has got your number.

Although we’ve seen the racing game in action before, Sony has today released a number of screenshots of Project Cars which show us what the game will look like running on the PS4 specifically.

“Both the cars and tracks [in the game] are exact 1:1 recreations of the real things,” a post on the PlayStation Blog boasts.

“On the cars that means visually down to the screws that hold the suspension system together, physically in terms of recreating the exact handling and performance characteristics, and sonically representing the various roars or purrs or growls that each exhibits. Others may say similar, but they don’t come close to the attention to detail we put in,” they claim.

You can judge for yourself:

Project Cars releases on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U later this year.


  • Project cars, Coming to 4 systems later this year but we will headline it as a PS4 game.

    (it looks gorgeous on the PS4 but i’d like to see it beat my PC :P)

  • Because the screenshots were released by the playstation blog, and are of the PS4 version. The story also states that it is coming to 4 systems, so relax.

  • I’m kind of over racing on tracks though…

    I want a game like Test Drive, where I can just tool around the countryside and look at beautiful scenery.

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