Conker Is Coming Back In Project Spark

Conker Is Coming Back In Project Spark

Conker made a surprising appearance during Microsoft’s Project Spark presentation. It’s been a long time, buddy! We missed you.


  • We need a full-fledged game! Not something in project spark. Bring on Conkers Bad Fur Day 2! I can only dream…

  • It’s good to see the 375 million dollars Microsoft spent over a decade ago to obtain Rare is finally getting put to good use *stifling laugh*.

  • I’m actually okay with Conker simply being a cameo in this game.

    Considering most of the original Conker team (along with practically all of Rare’s original talent) has either left the company for greener grass or been laid off by Microsoft, it’s probably for the best that Rare’s classic franchises stay dead.

    Rare just isn’t the champion of quality gaming they used to be, and Microsoft’s sway over them is a significant factor to that.

  • Please i beg of you Microsoft. At least let Rare die with some dignity. There’s not much else you can do to destroy that company.

  • Isn’t this an E-Rated game? I find it hard to believe this will be the Conker we really know. 😛 Diddy Kong Racing Conker with a chainsaw, perhaps?

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