Dark Souls' Successor Is Coming To The PS4

Dark Souls' Successor Is Coming To The PS4

Well, From Software's rumoured Project Beast is a real thing. It's called Bloodborne. And it's coming to the PS4. Dark Souls/Demon's Souls fans, this one's for you.

Here's the game's debut trailer:


    I will only play this game in a cold dark room with headphones on between midnight and 5am.

    Of course it was intentional, but there wouldn't be a soul in the world who didn't hope like hell that that boomstick would go off.

    I have a feeling this isnt going to be a closely related to the Souls game as everyone expects, but still should be very interesting

      If you see some of the leaked gameplay of bloodhorne when it was called project beast, it still uses fog wall mechanics from the Soul series and also big boss battles as well. Most likely will still be very close to what Soul is right now.

        I reckon it will share the same mechanics and methods for telling its own lore BUT not be to do with Souls and that kind of lore they kept from Demon to Dark Souls..

    Exclusives are the most ridiculous thing in gaming, we gamers get nothign from them other than being a pawn in a fight between lame titans. That said, this has helped sway my mind towards a PS4, well If i was ever to lower myself to get a console.

    this COULD have been shiny and awesome news

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