Dead Rising 3 Is Coming To PC

Video: Former Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3 is coming to Steam this summer. Trailer above.


    Is it going to be as broken as DR 1 and 2 on PC?

      let's hope not - but then again it could be another crappy poorly optimised console port.

      I'll still get it - just because I liked DR 1 & 2

    Cool. The reasons to get Xbone keep dropping.

      now we just need the master chief collection, halo 5, and RYSE... then im done...

        Yeah, I doubt the Halo's will come to PC. :P I could pass on Ryse, myself.

          the ryse storyline intrigues me more than the game for the halos on pc, who knows, we got the first two, but nothing since the 360 era.... I'd understand a 12 month xbone exclusivity, but this seems like great way for ms to tempt people to migrate over to windows 8.1

    this annoys me greatly... that said at least it'll run well and look pretty on PC...

    to clarify... this just makes me regret buying the xbox one that little bit more

    I can understand a degree of frustration people are having with this announcement, but certain branches of the internet are acting as though this has single handedly killed the Xbox One. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Dead Rising 3 on the Xbox One and wish more people would understand Microsoft's efforts to improve their PC support. Suddenly giving more people the opportunity to play games is a terrible, terrible thing.

    Woohoo! This is the only game I was interested in on the Xbone after I saw the micro-transactions in Forza 5.

    Before I'm willing to purchase this capcom need to show some good faith by removing GFWL from DR2 so Its not unplayable next month from the GFWL shutdown.

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