DOOM Is Back

DOOM Is Back

Here's a glimpse at the next instalment in the legendary first-person shooter series.

The clip revealed today doesn't show much of the long-brewing shooter and is intended to tease folks with just a little taste of sci-fi demonic fusion until Bethesda's QuakeCon event later this year. We'll see if things are back on track for Doom 4.


    Oh cyberdemon how I've missed you....

      Cyberdemon is still freaky even when he's just a Sprite! Wen't through Doom 2 again a fair few months ago, and that part at the end where your stuck in that transformable maze with the Cyberdemon is still more tense than any modern shooter I could think of.

        A lot of older shooters are far better than most modern shooters. Mainly due to the competitive nature of their level design. Quake and Quake 2 are prime examples. They skew themselves towards a 3 dimensional design, worrying about height, width and length rather than just focusing on being a corridor shooter. Leading to some absolutely fantastic arena type battles.

          Hell yeah - I have some fond memorys of Quake 2 and Quake 3 multiplayer. On PSone and Dreamcast no less! The PSone version of Quake 2 was actually an excellent conversion and really was a "how did they do this" type scenario - 4-player splitscreen with a multitap with no slow down that I can remember, worked. And Quake 3 on Dreamcast was bloody great :D

    Not ashamed to say I just got mad goosebumps.

    who is narrating that? It sounds like Linda Hamilton of Terminator 1 & 2 fame.

      HAHA ... I was going to say the exact same thing.

    Fuck yeah, now this is some good news to wake up too.

    With this and the announcement for GTA V PC, this has been a pretty good E3.

    The sound of that door opening always sends chills up my spine. You always know there's trouble ahead when you hear that. They even used that exact sound effect in a Doctor Who episode and it immediately freaked me out. (The Impossible Planet)

    Dat door sound.

    I hope the cyberdemon is just one of many many enemies and not a the final boss. He looks wicked though.

    When I read the headline I thought "huh. Bringing back Doom. What an odd decision. Good for them."

    When I found out that Bethesda's big E3 announcement was a Doom reboot and not Fallout 4, my response was decidedly less complimentary.

    Is it just me, or are video game trailers getting more and more badass over the years?

    This looks totally freakin tits.

    "Death will not be your end. Your soul will burn in hell forever!"

    Whilst it was never explained in Doom 1 + 2 (the games, I know its explained in the books) how the demons from hell had tech/weapon grafts, Im not sure I like the idea that the UAC was involved (ie: they're not really demons from hell, but experiments by the UAC). Hopefully it was taken from the UAC in an invasion and badaboom: rocket launcher cyberdemon!


    The original games are still AMAZINGLY great fun today. I actually bought the Classic Doom Collection on Steam a month or two back and started playing through them again. The Ultimate Doom was great, but Doom II is spectacular- yes even by comparison with modern shooters! There's nothing quite like the feel of unloading a super shotgun straight into a demon's face.

    I just seriously hope they don't screw this up badly. Doom 3's drastic change in direction compared to the classic originals received mixed reactions when it came out in 2004, but FPS have become SO much worse since then- I'm sure you've seen the various "Doom/Quake if it was made today" videos on Youtube (if you haven't: ) and I'd HATE to see those become ironically true.

    That said, even though I knew it was a Doom reveal thanks to the article title, I still thrilled a bit inside when I heard the Doom Door Sound again.

    I hate FPS but maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, I want this!!!

    From the history of this current effort, it looks like someone finally remembered what Doom was about. Then they did it more, and apparently much bigger.

    Please don't suck! I need one good visceral terror shooter.

    Must be time for a Quake 1 remake too. The world needs more nailguns.

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