PS4 Owners Can Play Destiny This Weekend

PS4 Owners Can Play Destiny This Weekend

It's just been announced that Destiny's beta will be available first on PlayStation consoles. It will go live in July 17. Although, if you can't wait a month, you have another option.

This weekend, anyone who owns a PS4 console will get the chance to play the game's early alpha. To get in on that action, head here.


    Not that I'm super interested in it... But I do have a PS4, soooooo.......

    I'm crazy interested in Destiny, but will prefer the full release on launch day to a beta or alpha state game.

      Yeah, I decided after the Metal Gear Online beta all those years ago that life was too short to spend it playing unfinished games (except for Battlefield 4, of course HIIIYOOOOOOO!).

      But yeah, I'd rather play something finished rather than test their software for them. As for Destiny itself... I'm well and truly on the fence. Already hyped for Far Cry 4, don't know how many FPS's I really need.

    SO if you own a PS4 you get access to the Bepha? Awesome!
    Alpha or Beta guys? Make your mind up!

      It's actually two separate pieces of news, the beta goes up on the 17th of July and there is alpha access this weekend

    Website doesn't list Australia in the list of countries that it's available in - see Not sure if it's an oversight or just our usual luck.

      if PS+ isn't required just set up a US PSN account

        Aaand... PS+ is required.

          Luckily Australia is included then isn't it

      Wow I looked straight past this! This better be a mistake! They added Egypt, Croatia, Lebanon and Jordan but no Australia or New Zealand... UPDATE

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