Shadow Of The Diablo


    That is all kinds of cool and I would get it... if Diablo 3 wasn't the absolute most boring game I have ever played.

    This however is just from my experience so if you enjoy the game then double win I guess.

      Did you enjoy Diablo 1 or 2 and hate 3? Or never got into the franchise?

        I have all iterations of Diablo (including Hellfire and Reaper), I even put in a solid effort on D3; to the point where I finished the game on Torment III with a couple of mates, but it is just not fun. I can't quite put my finger on the difference between D1/2 vs D3, but if I had to take a swing it would probably be that it lacks a air of intimidation that you get in its predecessors in the form of free PVP and the risks that come with it.

      gonna agree with u on this
      i loved d2, and caught the hype on initial d3.. even bought the collectors
      now im just.. meh

      Im guessing you only ever played it solo?

        Nahhh play it with mates and without sounding like the typical hate it is just to casual when compared to its former titles.

          Yeah i get that, but i have to admit since ROS, loot 2.0 and playing T4-6 torment with 3 mates, it has been incredibly fun, the rift runs have been some of the craziest and full on moments in gaming weve had in ages, speed pylon + dick WD mate who collects EVERY mob in the dungeon brings them back then spirit walks out of there, had ended in some VERY entertaining moments.

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      I wouldn't have argued that before the reaper of souls but I'm loving it now so much fun!

        Same. Was not a fan of stock D3 but Reaper of Souls has me playing it each night and loving it.

    great. console specific content. screw pc then.

      Hey, we have PC-exclusive content! We have the Auction Ho-
      oh wait..

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