Take The Time To Appreciate A Game’s… Buttons And Menus

This Destiny video is unlike any other you’ve probably seen about the game, because it’s all about… the user interface. As you may have noticed during the alpha, it’s really really good.

It’s not in visuals or sound that the really expensive games, the ones made by hundreds of experienced developers, can stand apart from the rest. Because they can afford to research and double-down on stuff like this, the little things that may not excite during a press conference, but which over the course of tens or hundreds of hours can make all the difference.

Destiny Alpha [Revui]


    • Have you tried the game yet? It actually works quite well for a controller, imo. It does look like it would work on the PC well, though I doubt it will make an appearance on PC as much as it saddens me.

      • I did. Played the alpha to max level and now just roaming around the huge maps finding loot.

        Whenever I am in the UI to choose map and moving my cursor with my analog stick I just can’t stop feeling it was build for PC. I mean who makes a cursor that moves across the screen to select the things you want besides PC? The cursor movement makes it a little bit awkward.


        Will definitely buy the game since it is awesome. Wished the UI was not using a “mouse” cursor movement.

        • I loved everything but the reticule. Totally unnecessary. Everything was presented on grid lines, so the usually highlight-and-tap navigation would’ve been fine. Nicer looking too, IMO.

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