3 Minutes Of Glorious New Destiny Footage

3 Minutes Of Glorious New Destiny Footage

Welcome to your daily reminder that Destiny is a gorgeous looking video game.

Now that the Alpha is over, I’m having Destiny withdrawals. The above video is like methadone. A poisonous, weak-sauce replica of the real thing that I’m somehow still dependent on if I’m to function as a regular human being.

It’s funny how a simple Alpha has impacted my opinion on this game so profoundly. Before the Destiny Alpha I was having serious concerns about the game: would it be derivative of Borderlands? Was it just an RPG version of Halo? Post-Alpha I’m still not sure of the answers to these questions, but I am starkly aware of just how much fun I was having moment to moment. What I had underestimated, I think, was Bungie’s ability to make shooting things a rewarding experience in itself.

Regardless — this is some pretty new footage from the game. Enjoy.

Via NeoGAF


  • Gameplay looks fun, the visuals are good, but not amazing, the rocks and landscapes and interiors still look very Halo, and very game-y to me.

    The re-done GTAV and the new Drake clip had more wow factor for me as far as visuals go.
    Destiny looks pretty, but doesn’t scream next-gen to me looking at the clips.

      • What?
        I’m comparing the Destiny clips to other clips on PS4… I’m confused by your answer, but then I have been up 24 hours straight converting databases, so it is probably me…

        • im just saying Uncharted 4 is exclusivly PS4, GTA V has been given a major overhaul for current gen and PC systems, where destiny is PS4, Xbone, PS3 and 360 so its not really a fair comparison, its more comparable to ACIV or watch dogs, and i’d say it looks better than both of them

  • Having played the Alpha, I actually came out more disappointed then what I was going in. The biggest problems I had was that the AI was terrible (will probably be fixed in the beta/final game), the enemies were pretty much copies of halo and even had some of the halo enemy movements (sideways dodge) and the auto-generated side quests were terrible – scan this, kill that with a one liner quest introduction. I hope this improves with the Beta…

  • i tried to hate this, and have done so for a while now, but, *sigh* OMG! GIMME GIMME GIMME RIGHT NOW!

  • I felt It was going to be so underwhelming like Titanfall. After playing the Alpha I was so happy to see how wrong I was.

    • See I thought Titanfall was AMAZING… at first. And then I quickly got bored of it. Surprisingly quickly. That’s what I’m worried will happen (for me) with Destiny, so it’s reassuring to hear that there’s lots of positivity about the experience people had with the alpha.

  • That made the game seems much more appealing to me. I really want a good single player experience personally. I don’t mind sharing that with other players, but I want the feeling you get when you progress through a structured campaign in terms of flow (highs, lows etc). It’s what I’m most disappointed in Titan Fall for, and I hope Destiny doesn’t feel similar to that. I’m also not a big fan of some of the MMO tropes that are in this, like enemy health displayed above their heads, it kills the immersion for me.

    Still, I’m excited to try it out. Hope it comes to PC eventually.

  • @markserrels do you find the voice acting by Peter Dinklage as the ‘Ghost’ terrible? I’ve been told that he delivers a flat, even wooden performance. What are your thoughts?

    • It wasn’t bad to the point where I was like SCREW YOU PETER I’M NOT BUYING THIS GAME. But I did notice it, and I did think, this is bad. And this was before internet outrage.

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