Tell Us Dammit: What Games Do Your Parents Play?

For the last two weeks my parents have been visiting from Scotland and I've noticed something strange: they're playing games. All the time. Which got me wondering — what games do our parents play?

I caught my Mum playing Candy Crush on her iPad Mini. Hilariously, she was so ashamed of it! She was all like, 'I don't send out requests on Facebook, I promise! I don't want anyone to know I play this game.'

Well, too late now Mum. Now all of Kotaku Australia knows.

My Dad? He's slightly different. He always had zero interest in games, but now he's started playing Bonza whilst in Australia. Bonza is like a wordsearch crossed with um... a crossword I guess. It's awesome and my Dad has been playing it constantly for the last five days straight.

Anyway — what about your parents? Do they playing games? What do they play?


    Zynga poker for my dad, and anything by King or with the word Saga after it....
    Mum pretty much spends every waking hour on the "saga" games...

    My dad plays slot machines and poker
    My mum plays candy crush and many clones like that at full volume on her phone

      "My dad plays slot machines and poker"
      @mrguy, yeah, that's all i could get my mother to play. that and solitaire.

    Mum: Candy Crush and I think she used to do a bit of Farmville.
    Dad: Words with friends and SongPop (mainly with me.)

    my dad's always been into tech, so that's where I get it from. he got me into gaming with a dodgy football game on his old Intellivision console thing.
    still muck around FIFA with him whenever I visit. he's also into racing games & flight sims.

    my mum is into puzzle things she can play on her iPad. things like suduko, unblock me, a weird trianglular dominos thing (which is strangely addictive)...

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    They don't play any games.
    but my mum did play DK country 2 with me when i was little, and she was hopless and tryed to play the game as a pacifest and not kill the kremlings. That was hard core DK.

    None, but I've given my dad Paper's, Please so if he decides to take it up, he's at least starting from a good baseline...

    I think my mum dabbles in Facebook games, but that's it.
    My dad nothing now. He always used to play C64 with me a kid (in fact he'd kick me off because he was having too much fun)
    My friends' dad though, is over 60, and plays World of Warcraft ALL the time. He started when we all did, but the rest of us have/had stopped playing. But he's still going strong.

    My dad doesn't tend to play games.. My mum on the other hand plays more games than she likes to admit.
    She used to be hooked on Dr Mario/Tetris back in the day.
    She's dabbled in PvZ, Age of Empires, Anno and even had a good go of The Sims..
    But I was shocked when I saw how many hours she had put into Civ 5.
    Last I checked there was about 2500ish on record.

      so... just a casual Civ player then? :p

    My dad spends a lot of time on Spider Solitair, and he went through some time with MineSweeper and a pretty cool boulderdash game called "Supaplex".

    My mum doesn't play anything at all. She's just never shown any interest in games whatsoever.

    Pinball. So much pinball. And some other space shoot-em-up I gifted via Steam. 60 and 90+ hours logged in two games only. D:

    I set them up on Zuma and Bookworm many years ago which they have been playing daily since. I never thought my parents could be good at games but good damn their scores and times on these games is crazy. Amazing to see what years of practice can do.

    Cruel vicious mind games.
    Santa isn't real.
    The good guy doesn't always win.
    Eating the crusts on my bread didn't make me stronger.
    Birds don't have intercourse with bees.
    That's some sick twisted gaming right there.

    My Dad excited told me "I don't play games ever on my phone. But this week, I couldn't help myself and got one for the first time... ever. Have you heard of this?"

    He showed me Monument Valley, which I was planning on showing him after dinner anyway. I was a very proud son :)

    Mum finds all sorts of weird games to play. Usually puzzle games, no idea where she gets them from though. Can't remember what ones have been other than a few Bejeweled clones and this one on the bottom of the sea that I don't know how to describe, but the current one is basically a mahjong solitaire type dealie, but with the blocks arranged in a 3D structure that rearranges itself every now and then for whatever reason.

    Dad plays... uh... eBay.

    Neither play now but I first got into video games with my dad. We used to play games like Hellbender, Mechwarrior 2 and Return Fire on our first family computer.
    Good times.

    Candy crush and similar facebook games.
    Mum plays some of the hidden object / adventure games things on her tablet as well

    Mum: recently started playing brain teaser games on her phone.

    Dad was the reason I got into Xbox, he bought himself the original years back, every no and then he'll play a racing game, or the campaign for a battlefield or cod. I think the most fun he's ever had on it was playing the demo for Halo 1, him and a mate would load it on co-op, storm the beach killing all the covies. When that was done,they'd turn on the marines to see who was better. They never went any further through that level.

    dad doesn't game but mum plays facebook games and skyrim. though i sometimes have to remind her to upgrade her armour and weapons. (she's finished the main quest in oblivion which is better than me, i get distracted by sidequests.)

    Seriously? Could the picture be any more stereotypical. As an over 50 gamer, I'm playing Watchdogs, Wildstar, and into the Elite Dangerous beta.

    mum: some games she gets of some website
    Dad: any PC games

    My mother plays Candy Crush Saga et al. on her iPad, plus a bunch of word games with her friends. My father plays a bit of Command and Conquer on his PC and usually "helps" my mother with her games (much to her chagrin).

    My *son's* father plays all sorts of stuff on his PC, iPad, PS3, PS4, Vita. :D

    My mum used to play Peggle, now all she plays is Candy Crush and 2048.

    My dad and mum are 60 and 58. Dad plays a lot of first person shooters on PC. Mainly things like CoD and F.E.A.R. Ones that have a shortish, tight single player campaign.

    Mum doesn't play anything but she got super addicted to Tetris back in the 90s.

    Any big app that is out although as a kid i could always get my dad to compete in Porsche Challenge and Gran Turismo.

    Angry Birds seems to be their go to atm.

    Personally, my Dad is currently playing Kerbal Space Program, but he also is big on (and always has been big on) X-COM. And the occasional FPS, but he's more a boardgamer and roleplayer lately.

    My mum is currently alternating between a few FTP games, The Sims, and Civilization 3.

    They are 52 and 57 respectively.

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