The 3DS Version Of The New Super Smash Bros. Has Been Delayed To October 3.

The 3DS version of the new Super Smash Bros. has been delayed to October 3. It was originally slated to arrive in coming weeks, but Sakurai's team is taking some time to make sure everything is up to snuff quality-wise.


    Caught a glimpse of the ability to remove the black outline on the characters which is good. I know a few folk who were a little turned off by the way the characters were drawn in, this helps.

    So how close does that bring the 3DS release to the Wii U release?

      Well This comes out October 3rd and the Wii U version comes out Holiday 2014 so hopefully pretty close.

        Cool. I don't wanna see them released too far apart, but not so close as to drain the funds from my wallet entirely.

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