The Battlefield: Hardline Beta Is Live Now

The Battlefield: Hardline Beta Is Live Now

Briefly: EA just dropped a bombshell on Battlefield fans in the middle of its E3 press conference. The game launches on October 21, but you can try to register for the beta, which launches today. Sign up here.


    Origin is getting boned at the moment!

    I might be being too cynical but to me this just looked like a half baked, reskinned military shooter.

      Well even the weapon sway animation when moving is copy/pasted straight from BF4.

      Would it be crazy to think think this was planned DLC for BF4 or maybe BF3 before they decided to charge full price for it and add some other features?

      That said, for all its problems I did play a fair bit of BF4.

        Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed battlefield. But if they expect me to pretend a group of robbers would behave exactly like a swat team would behave exactly like the military then I don't know if that's something I can do haha.

        The opening thing was just ridiculous. You'd think people attempting grand larceny would be a tad more covert than exploding an armoured truck off of an overpass hahaha.

        Edit: also you're probably onto something with the dlc idea. Probably because titanfall launched early this year and battlefront is a year away, they feel they need at least something to fill the FPS void so they just turned DLC into a game.

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    it showed up in my games library, but it says its available June 11. I think Australia has to wait a day?!?!. Need more people to confirm

    Signed up whilst he was still just announcing that you'd have to go to the Battlefield website, missed the rush :)

    I signed up via my mobile (iPhone)

    Had no issues, got through the whole process smoothly and then got the "you will receive an email if selected" message

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