Watch Dogs Patch Promises Fixes For PlayStation, Xbox, PC Players

Watch Dogs Patch Promises Fixes for PlayStation, Xbox, PC Players

Watch Dogs ' first major patch is coming soon, says publisher Ubisoft. As soon as next week, players on various platforms will see improvements in the way the hit game looks and plays.

Details on the patch appeared the company's support forums today, listing fixes for players on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms. The update will be rolling out for PS4 today, with roll-outs for PS3 coming soon after. PC players get it next in a few days and Xbox One and Xbox 36o owners will have to wait until next week. Here's what's getting fixed :


•Automatically reconstructed corrupted save files which prevented loading to go further than 90%. Some collectibles may remain unrecoverable.

•Fixed the issue preventing players from using hacks in game.


•Fixed several mission-breaking bugs.

•Fixed minor mission and item-related issues.

•Fixed the issue that caused the empty weapon-wheel.


•Fixed several minor respawn issues.

•Fixed some connection and session joining issues.


•Fixed graphical glitches on Low & Medium settings.

•Fixed some crashes on SLI configurations.

•Implemented several performance improvements.

•Implemented a few control improvements.

•Fixed issues causing infinite messaging and timing-out when trying to access the Online Shop from the Extras Menu while Uplay is set to Offline mode.

•Fixed issues connecting to a Multiplayer game.

•Implemented several mouse modifications.

•Fixed "Drinking Game" control issue where wrong information was displayed when played with a gamepad.

•Fixed "Chess Game" control issue.

•Fixed bug where the invasion setting was never saved.

•Fixed graphical issues during cut scenes and cinematics.

•Fixed several graphical and texture bugs.

•Removed Vista OS check to prevent false positives.

•Added game version in main menu.

No mention is made of the hidden files on the PC version of the game so, for now, it's an open question as to whether this patch will be able to co-exist with TheWorse/E3 2012 mod that's made the game look better for many PC users.


    I lost access to a human trafficking mission because the stupid mission phone call kicked in at the same time I was trying to find the hidden package, knocking out the trafficking mission - making it now missable. It wont reappear (I know where it was, bottom right section of the map near the docks) now which means I cant complete those missions, which means I cant get the trophy and the platinum. I am not restarting the game for these missions and this patch wont fix it

    It hasnt spoilt the game, but it just means there is now a storyline I cant finish and a section of my progress that can never be 100% completed

    And it took until Act 3 before these missions would appear too... and they seem to be quite enjoyable

    the 30 drinking games are ridiculous, prob be the only achievement I wont get.

      Yeah. I'm probably going to take a crack at the online achievements this weekend, maybe the 40 fixer missions too, but I've come to terms with the fact I'm not going to do the drinking one. The strange part is they were pretty forgiving about the others. You can get boring ass Poker, the VR stuff, etc 'done' without hitting the max levels in every location.

        Yea gave up on drinking games when couldn't even pass level 3 extreme up in Pawnee. 985G will have to do.

          Ah don't give up! :) It's possible with practice! It takes a while, but you eventually get better at it.

          Having said that; it's a pretty stupid trophy/achievement and might not be worth the time.

            Yea thats the thing, 15G for what I've heard can take about 4-5 hours and even require two people. Ain't no body got time fo dat.

        I haven't actually tried the drinking games yet. What I do hate are the online missions that come up when you hack a Blume operator or whatever. I can't even ignore them and go about my business while their happening. I won't be getting the online trophy (so anti-social)...

          Get yourself some jammers. When you see the purple Blume call being made use one to kill the call (or just run up to them and tackle them while they're making the call). You won't get hackers in your game if Blume don't put the bounty on you. I'm not sure of the exact mechanics but I think it's one successful call to Blume = one hacker.
          Those jammers are actually super handy throughout the entire game.

          The other part that I find super annoying is the Crime Convoys where you have to take down two heavily guarded targets without eliminating them. Even if you manage to take down the guards, stop backup from being called, stop them from getting close enough to each other that one will kill you while you take the other down, half the time they fall over and die from being too close to their guards cars when they stop to get out. I did them all eventually but I was tearing my hair out at some points.
          The game is sort of weirdly conflicted like that. It wants you to be gentle and even though it's packed with stealth tools and gentle take down options it's not really designed to work that way. I got through a lot of it without killing anyone but even before it gets stupidly hard to do no-kill solutions the game really feels like it wants you to just run in guns blazing. The missions/action plots drag you towards lethal (except for at random points) and the overall plot drags you towards non-lethal.

            Yep pretty much always have 5 jammers on me ready to use, although now I've finished the game I enjoy people trying to hack me while I collected stuff. Handy tip I found if you try and pause the game and it doesn't actually pause properly then you know someone is in your game, I'd drive for a decent length of time then get out and hide behind my car and just wait, its not long till you see suspicious activity.

            I found the fixer contracts much more frustrating, having 40 of the bloody things and the ones where you had to deliver a car to a location, swarmed by cops and then those cursed Ctos searches deploy right on your target area, then you finally lose them again and the target area has changed!!!

              Yeah. I was having a ton of fun doing all the side mission and collectable stuff right away, I had the map almost clear before doing "Open Your World" in Act I, but after hitting those delivery ones I started to avoid fixer contracts altogether. Even with full skill upgrades and all the gadgets it's a bit hard to work up the motivation to get back into them.

            Good point, I didn't think of that, and I'm usually too far away to tackle them in time (and killing them has other issues...). Also, I think hacking Blume operators causes them to call in the contract, so I've stopped doing that.

              Yeah. Only people with the Blume tag on their profile will call in (I think there may be one or two mission NPCs). Although I had my game glitch out and for about three days none of them would report me. I'd stand there for minutes waiting for them to call so I could tackle them.
              Personally I like intentionally hacking them to hear what they say about me, then smashing their phones. But yeah, back on track, jammers. Keep them equipped and start using them everywhere. They're a great item but the game doesn't really prompt you to start using them so it's easy to forget they exist and never use them. Whenever they're relevant the game sort of herds you towards just killing/taking down the people calling for reinforcements.

      Yeah I gave up on that drinking game achievement. Also, waiting for 5 people to invade my session and tail me - I've just sat the xbox for 10+ hours and I've only gotten 1 tail. These achievement where you have to wait for other random people are really stupid and should be removed.

        I have a mate struggling with being tailed too, I had that achievement pop on me on the first day of playing (possibly cos everyone was doing it?) I didn't even know I was being tailed and definately didn't know I'd been tailed 5x.

          I also had a glitch where it wouldn't unlock the silenced assault rifle, even after I satisfied the conditions (complete the weapon cache side missions?). The progress app showed that it should be unlocked and when I went to the gun shop, it shows up that I have it already and I can't buy it. It kinda sucked, although it wasn't really necessary to finish the game, but it would have come in handy.

            Was that the spec ops goblin? prob my most used gun once I unlocked it, way more range than the pistol, that sucks.

            The Goblin? That gun was awesome. There's a few others that are good too but it's the best for when you want to just run through an area and take everybody out without raising the alarm. The pistol can do it with focus mode but worrying about focus/reloads makes it a little less fun. You missed out on something good there, hopefully the patch will fix it so you can at least play with it a bit. =(

              Spec Ops Goblin if going silent and Wildfire when going loud, The Destroyer was handy too, disable a vehicle in 1 shot from a distance.

            Yeah, it was the spec ops goblin that glitched and didn't unlock for me. Ah well, I've finished the game and it's already been deleted from my Xbox. From what you guys say, I missed out on a great gun :(

    Can the patches fix the terribly derivative story and characters?

    Last edited 19/06/14 5:40 pm

    What really bums me out is how many updates are dropped on games these days. I maybe quite naive in a sense but do games get released on consoles now days without all these patches? I can understand more so with PC titles as every configuration is different but on consoles shouldn't testing/Q and A be done before going live? I don't buy a car and hear "Oops, sorry, we forgot to put a seatbelt in and your engine is missing a few parts too. it'll run but it won't be as efficient and safe until we get these parts to you."

    Is it just pressure from publishers that force games to come out prematurely. I know this is a relatively small patch compared to others but I feel it is just a cop out to now have internet connection and suddenly "Let's release non complete games and fix it up as we go." I feel like I pay for an incomplete product.

    Maybe not the right place to ask. Maybe I'm just old fashioned?

      It's a much, much more complicated process on modern games than releases even from just two or three console generations ago. What was once inspecting a car has turned into inspecting a fleet of jets. The testing process has grown more refined too but not enough to easily match up with the complexity of the games.
      Although it doesn't help that it seems to be pretty common practice to hire kids who like games, are infinitely replaceable and work for peanuts instead of people who are actually skilled at methodically testing software.

      Last edited 19/06/14 11:25 am

      Consider all the bugs you've found on games that can't be updated. Just because they couldn't be updated doesn't mean they had no bugs, of course.
      Time is always the greater pressure on development. As the old adage goes, "I can give you a quality product on time for an acceptable cost. Now, pick two of those." People make mistakes, so with finite time and finite resources the result is often defects are present. Compare this to a safety critical system where they push as much money at it as they do development.

      Large games are (generally) the most complex forms of software. Testing is done, but it's really, really difficult to find every error in every instance of every feature of the game.

      Cars often have "bugs" too, y'know.

        Consider all the bugs you've found on games that can't be updated. Just because they couldn't be updated doesn't mean they had no bugs, of course.

        Also worth considering is that in the olden days we were last served. As kids playing in the PAL region we didn't see many bugs because the versions that landed on our shelves often had the benefit of being produced after the Japanese and North American releases had found all the bugs.

    I'm already done with the game, anyone want to swap for another Xbox one game with me :D

    Just wasn't that fun of a game, should have waited for the reviews it was our own faults.

      I disagree. I got my money's worth out of it, and unlike every grand theft auto game I've played, I stayed interested long enough to finish the main quest. Not only that I did the side missions (though they were very repetitive, admittedly).

      I'd give it a 7.5, maybe an 8. That said, though, I will very, very rarely give a 9 or 9.5 and never a 10.

      Last edited 19/06/14 11:29 am

        I just found the characters boring and cliché, even if gameplay was crap and graphics were average I still need to be interested in what I am doing more than anything else and unfortunately it didn't do it for me.

          Some of them were ok. Jordi was noteworthy, and I kinda identified a bit with Aiden since I too am a nerd with a temper. I'm also a big fan of vigilantism in media, and revenge.

            I just don't think he was fleshed out particularly well, his motivations and behaviour was all over the shop. I thought Ubisoft would have learnt from Connor, and while Aiden isn't as irritating (IMO) I think the concept behind him could have been implemented sooo much better. And I just really hate his outfit. Random segue, but the game I played before this was Sleeping dogs, and I really liked the outfit choices in that game (as they were actually different).

              And I just really hate his outfit

              I felt it was stupid that he was meant to be blending in even though he was wearing a full on costume. I'm hoping for the sequel they sort of do sort of a mix between MGS3's camo system and Hitman's clothes for sort of a ubran chameleon thing (maybe not the stealing clothes bit from Hitman). Like I mentioned in another comment I felt the game's stealth aspects were a bit directionless and all over the place. Having it so the stealth route is a little more complicated and varied using disguises, having more direct responsibility for hiding your identity and dipping into social engineering would be cool.
              You'd still be able to choose to play it guns blazing or flip back and forth, but that way stealth could be more meaty than the almost half baked situation they've got going on in this game.

          I agree wholheartedly about the boring characters and pretty non-compelling story, also the game isn't that nice looking on PS4 (it's not too bad though). But I actually find the gameplay quite fun, so if Aiden wasn't an utterly loathesome asshole and the story was more cohesive, and actually made some kind of sense, this could have gone form an average game to a pretty good one.

          Last edited 19/06/14 12:27 pm

        Im with you on this,
        Despite some negative reviews and feed back that this game recieved, iv thoroughly enjoyed playing this because i don't let other people reviews and opinions spoil my decision until i have hands on with it myself and a lot of the stuff people disliked such as car control, i liked (and a whole bunch of other things)
        Yes there are things that i dont like, but im not going to let it ruin the whole game for me

        deff a 7.5 out of 10 from me

    This is the last time I buy a game on release. The thing was even delayed to 'make it even better', yet they seem to have a deep problem in their QA/Testing department. I noticed in the credits the VAST amount of testers for this game. What on earth were they doing?

    Playing through the Xbox One version, there are so many bugs. I don't think I've ever been as annoyed and frustrated playing a game as I was trying to finish the junkyard mission in this game.

    I will NEVER be able to listen to 'Jesus Built My Hodrod' ever again after hearing it on repeat for what seems like forever.

    I've finished the main game and started to work towards 100%, but I don't think I'll bother now after hearing about things like that drinking game and many other problems.

    I know many devs have been in a mad rush to release games on the new consoles but enough is enough. I'm sick of playing a lot of money for games that still in beta.

    Hearing about the PC problems being even worse, the above is not even an excuse.

    Gee I wonder if these updates 'fix' those hidden E3 graphics settings...

      I have a feeling we will never know the truth but we should be getting a bullshit answer from Ubisoft soon enough.

    The most boring game I have played on my Xbox One to date.
    Forced myself to grind out most of the side missions and forced myself to finish the story - last game I remember doing that on was GTAIV

    Fixed graphical issues during cut scenes and cinematics
    Does this mean they removed the "corrupt keyframe" video effect that detracted from the most emotional cinematic in the game?

    Drinking game broke on me on the hard 1 i got to level 10 the game crashed and now every time i go back to it it says im on level 3 and every time i lose it puts me back to level 3 and it took 2 million off me WTF thats my last trophy to get my platnium

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