When Players Try Dota For The First Time

Video: I'd say it's the camera distance that's a bit distracting when switching from LoL to Dota, but YouTuber Fortunatus Sean had other issues. His video is a great example that even with tutorials, it can be challenging to switch games within the same genre.

What happens when a LoL player tries DotA 2 [YouTube]



    What happens when the opposite occurs.

    It's a tiny bit more than just the camera distance being distracting. Like, the whole interface being more complicated in Dota. Also the two games are so different, there's more different than similar.

      I agree. Though some days I envy how much more area LoL players can view at one time. But it would probably affect gameplay in Dota more then I think.

    Viper is a good first hero to play as though; very simple and high damage. My first hero was Phoenix (which is an amazing character, but as you can see VERY low health). Also, I honestly don't think anyone in his game had played dota before...

    Why was "LoL" dropped from the title of the video to the article headline? It completely changes the context of the video, the headline makes it sound like a moba newbie, which is completely different...

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