Who's Dropping Jewels?

It's Mega Sableye, the newest Mega Evolution that will be showing up in the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes coming out late 2014.


    Why am I unimpressed over the minor changes here?

      I won't pretend Mega Sableye blew my mind, but at least they're trying to think up alternatives to just making every Mega Evolution a slightly larger, bulkier version with some minor pattern changes. Using the gem defensively is at least a bit more creative.

        It's along the same lines as Mega Kangaskhan, who just literally takes the baby out and uses it to fight.

          Heh. I know what Mega Kangaskhan looks like but for some reason that gave me the mental image of Kangaskhan using it's baby as a club to beat other Pokemon with.

    Dropping jewels? Is that a reference to wu tang and divine mathematics or have I just been listening to too much wu?

    The refraction images through the gem are cool. Somebody had to think that and either code it in or draw it in based on the limited views shown in game.

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