An In-Depth Look At Metal Gear Solid V’s Mother Base

An In-Depth Look At Metal Gear Solid V’s Mother Base

We’ve already seen some footage from Metal Gear Solid V, including a tour of one of the most famous oil platforms in gaming, the Mother Base, that will serve as the main hub of the game. YouTuber YongYea is here with a detailed analysis of the Mother Base, along with the inevitable theories — it’s a new MGS game after all.

And one thing’s for sure after watching this: There are no coincidences in the Metal Gear universe.

Metal Gear Solid V – Mother Base Analysis [YouTube]


  • I haven’t watched the video yet, but does it basically boil down to “It looks like Big Shell / Arsenal Gear”?

    • Actually, no. He does touch on the similarities a little bit, but most of the video is about the customization of Mother Base and what certain areas are for.

  • whats with the super high tech stuff in the 70s???
    I recently played Ground Zeroes and he has a hologram map dealy oh and in these screens there are flying robot drone thingys.

    I remember in Metal Gear (not solid but the original) Snake had a 2 way radio, and in metal gear solid the Soliton Radar was state of the art.

    Big Boss should just have a paper map :S

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