Good Job, Folks, There’s A Grass Simulator Now

Good Job, Folks, There’s A Grass Simulator Now

First Rock Simulator, and now this. Though it’s not a new Greenlight developer, so at least nobody had to pay $US100 to get this listed.

I’ll just let the description speak for itself:

Have you waited all your life for a game that brings plot and gameplay together?

Well we have the game for you. With full realistic grass physics, beautiful sky-boxes, Cows?!

Grass Simulator is the game of the next generation. Here are the awesome things possible in Grass Simulator:

  • Grass
  • Dynamic Grass Graphics
  • Realistic Weather
  • Wonderful Environment
  • Cows?!
  • More Grass

The trailer promises even more features, like a loot system and dynamic weather:

And the submission is… actually doing well. Huh. According to the developers (who, by the way, already have one greenlit game) Grass Simulator is already in the Greenlight Top 100, meaning that if the Top 100 doesn’t change dramatically, come the next Greenlight batch, the game will be guaranteed a spot on Steam if or when it’s released. Right next to Rock Simulator, most likely.

The developer seems to be having fun though:

Good Job, Folks, There’s A Grass Simulator Now

Check out the Greenlight page for more screenshots, more discussion (and 2000+ comments) along with the second, earlier trailer.

Grass Simulator [Steam Greenlight]


  • Seriously, fuck this. Parody is funny once or twice when you attempt to showcase the absurdity of something (in this case the large array of simulators).

    But when absurdity becomes the norm, it’s just plain stupid.

    • I know, right?

      How dare people have some fun producing things which we don’t agree with, and aren’t forced to purchase, play, or even spend any time looking at!

      Thanks Obama!

      • It’s junk that fills Steam when instead they could be investing that time producing proper games. It also makes it harder to find real gems amongst the vast array of crap that’s being green lit now.

        • Steam has gone to shit lately due to all the early access and down right terrible games. It’s so hard to find a dece game.

          • That’s my ‘problem’ exactly. I’m totally pro the idea that “developers should make whatever they desire” but that can just lead to a supersaturation of sub par ‘games’.

            It reminds me of the 2000s where every person suddenly became a website developer over night.

          • While I can understand it being a joke. There is a line and it has been passed. Especially when it may be greenlit. I think there is a place for games like theses and Steam is defiantly one of them seeing as if it is released and becomes popular for some unknown reason it will be on the front page. Pushing away decent games that actually deserve to be there.

    • Certainly be more entertaining than some of the other games out now.

  • I think there’s some gameplay to be had here – You start off with a barren square of earth and are tasked with growing a lawn that will make the neighbours envious.

    You’d need to start with testing the soil and treating if necessary, choosing the appropriate seed type, planting, fertilising, aerating. If it’s summer, perhaps you’ll need to water it. Once it’s grown there’ll be mowing, digging out crab grass, trimming the edges, and shouting at children who venture onto it.

  • You know what’d be a good game. Nature simulator.

    Something like a much easier to use Cryengine or E-on Vue. Where you can simply build landscapes and environments and walk around them. It would be a fun and relaxing kind of escapist program. Add dynamic weather and scenery. Take screen shots. Cause fires, floods, even add erosion.

    Have planes and boats you can travel around in. Maybe the option to add animals, dinosaurs. Create eco-systems.

    • Problem is: That’s a real game, not a joke game based off an already used up joke 🙁

  • Seriously, can we just have the Kitchen Sink Simulator already and be done with it?

  • Grass simulator…. Grass looks horribly bad. I could do this in unity with just a stroke of the mouse.

    The developer seems like a smartass too, he’s defending his game but he’s got the attitude of a 12 year old, and there generation isn’t that good.

    EDIT: Checked out his profile and he’s stated he’s only 14…. enough said!

    • Well your generation obviously isn’t good at English! Because generalising a whole generation makes perfect sense!

    • there generation isn’t that good

      I assure you that, objectively, they area pretty much exactly the same as your generation at 12 years old, with people above you saying the exact same thing…..

      • Terrible generations who can’t spell “their/there/they’re
        correctly, all the way down!

        • I resisted the temptation for the sake of not sounding like a complete pedant….

          … but my gosh was it hard :p

  • If I’m not quick to market with my Paint Drying Simulator, someone is sure to beat me to the punch!

    I’d better get it on kickstarter asap.

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