Halo Collection ‘Terminal’ Trailer Brings More Arbiter Love

Halo Collection ‘Terminal’ Trailer Brings More Arbiter Love

Debuting during a panel at this weekend’s Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, Texas, the “Terminal” trailer for the Halo: Master Chief Collection gives Keith David’s Arbiter even more words to say, so it wins.

The enemy gone good (or did he?) will play a big role in Halo 5: Guardians, to the point where Keith “The Arbiter” David got to narrate the official E3 2014 trailer for the game. So naturally when it comes to highlight the coolest aspects of the series-spanning HD collection, Halo 2‘s playable alien pal is the go-to guy.

“I have had many names in this long war. The humans knew me as the destroyer. To the Covenant, I was Supreme Commander. The Prophets named me Arbiter. And your Master Chief calls me Friend. How well do you know your friend, human. And what will you call me when you learn the truth of what I have done.”

Still calling you Shooty McAwesomePants.


  • Not having played any other than the 1st game, I find this enticing. I just don’t know if it’s worth getting now, or when/ if a slim model is released. I just don’t have the shelf space for a WiiU, PS4 and the X1 as it currently stands… :/

  • Is that an official Halo trailer? Apart from Keith’s VO it’s felt like it had pretty cheap looking production values. Not terrible, but normally they’re so good.

    • That’s just the style they use for the in-game terminals.
      It was the same in Halo: CE Anniversary.

      • Ah makes sense, thanks! Still, would have thought they’d have the budget to put a bit more polish on them.

        • They intentionally use an almost an almost anime-esque animation style, probably to keep in line with the Halo anime series. It isn’t low production values, it’s an intentional art style.

          • I get what you’re saying, the anime influences are definitely intentional.

            But the low productions values that catch my eye are things like the poor animation on the Elite in the beginning – his action of throwing the soldier is really poorly done from an animation stand point.

            The 2d layered backgrounds are also really poorly painted – they looks like student level concept art with weak, undefined brush strokes.

            The edit is also poorly done, swapping the focus from one side of the frame to the other and then back again, which is very distracting.

            The budget is clearly on the low end of the scale, making use of in game assets and hastily put together matte paintings. Basically it looks like something that I could knock out, and although I’m proud of my abilities, I expected a bit more from them.

            Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible at all, but it’s what I would expect to see from the trailer of a high quality indie game, not from Halo.

  • I’d personally buy an X1 just for an Arbiter based Halo game, call me crazy but he’s so much cooler than Master Chief, probably because he’s allowed to have character instead of being a blank slate.

  • Is that really what the game looks like?

    They look like the original graphics. Like really terrible. Really really terrible. it looks like some college student put that together.

    • I’ve already said this, but that’s a terminal. Which is an anime-style animation. Not the games actual graphics.

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