Watch Halo: The Master Chief Collection In Action

Watch Halo: The Master Chief Collection In Action

This past E3, Microsoft announced that four games from their blockbuster Halo franchise would be getting collected as The Master Chief Collection. Here's the first taste of how the anthology will look when it comes out this fall.

Members of Microsoft's 343 Industries team and dev studio Certain Affinity showed the Master Chief Collection at this weekend's Rooster Teeth Expo, explaining how the UI and various options were tweaked to create a unified experience. The panel opens with the impressive set-up that lets you jump from game to game, complete with the specific music for each one. MCC will have preset playlists for multiplayer, as well online co-op for the Halo 2 campaign. The video from RTX is an hour long but features a in-depth look at the latest build of the game, which starts at about 24:30.


    Very excited for this, but i do reckon they 'tainted' the collection pack with the H5 multi beta, just seems wrong to include a beta in a series collection, i think i might wait to see if they do a 1-5 bundle eventually (maybe 1-2 yrs down the track, yes im just that patient)

      Personally I think the collection it 'tainted' with the inclusion of Halo 4, but that's just me.

        What, this is an unpopular opinion? Even if Halo 4 is a good game, it's still the weakest of all the FPS Halos. Its plot was dumb, its levels were unrememberable, its attempt to give John a personality was jarring. And the multiplayer only had a few good levels.

          What's weird is that John already did have a personality in the first Halo game. Just because it wasn't spelled out doesn't mean it wasn't there.

          What I find funny is that many people complained that the story in Reach contradicted the story in the Reach novel (because someone writing a story before the first game comes out has more power over canon then the original developers) but Johns actions in Halo 4 completely contradicted his character in the novel even worse, but nobody complains about that.

          But that's just the top layer, going deeper will find many more problems. Like how bloom makes no difference at all in the game. Seriously, grab an AR, find a blank wall, tap the trigger to see the accuracy of the spread, then hold down the button until you run out of ammo. Even though the bloom reticle is indicating that the spread reaches the edge of the aiming reticle, the actual spread is about the size of the Halo 3 AR reticles. So it makes no fucking difference!

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          Don't forget the most annoying enemies in pretty much any FPS ever. (The Prometheans)

      They won't do a 1-5 pack, it doesn't make any sense.

        It doesn't make sense why they would re-release Halo 4 for the third time in a row.

        ...except to keep up their Call of Duty yearly annual release.

    It better have LAN support. Looking forward to a few Xbox one Lans.

      I can't +1 this enough. been having Halo Lans for 10 years, if they stop it i'll be so upset

        Really worried about this Gen and its lack of system link options.....we used to Lan about once a month :|

          Agreed. Should get you to join ours

            We are planning a 360 hall LAN next month if your in Perth and your group of friends are interested...otherwise id be happy to attend one of your LANS :)

    I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't care about re-buying games I already own multiple copies of.

    But since we're on the subject, here's a shameless plug for a shitty hour long retrospective look at the first game.

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    Worth it for Halo 2. 4 can eat a dick :-P

    The games industry has everyone eating out of their hands. How can people be so excited to re buy a game that they already own ?

    It seemed like a cool idea at first to play a game remastered for current gen consoles but soon the market is going to be so saturated with digitally remastered games that they will outweigh new titles for the consoles. I didnt pay $600 for a Ps4 so I could play the same games but make them look better

      Don't know why you are commenting on this post, since this is completely different.
      But the all these one year old games that are getting full priced re-releases are pretty bullshit

        It's still reproducing old content and polishing it up for current gen. The Halo anniversary thing was done on Xbox 360 too , just wondering when they will just leave the old stuff alone

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      I too am getting tired of all the 'remasterings'.

      The first couple last gen were cool. They were classics (Like Halo) that you could now replay about 10 years later in HD, about the time when you start wanting to revisit the games anyway.

      Now you can re-buy the Last of Us, GTA (I can actually understand that one and Tomb Raider. They were multi-platform and came out c'close' to release but just missed the PS4/X1) and apparently maybe Beyond 2 Souls in HDerHD!!!

      Isn't it a kick in the mouth for the developers (Especially 1st party developers, who were supposedly making PS3 'swan songs') to now come out and say: Sorry, we actually sold you guys an inferior version a year ago because the PS4 wasn't ready yet/ the PS3 was actually pretty crap and we were just backing it because we HAD too. (Or worse: We know you already have it, but we want to milk it by re-releasing the same game but ever so slightly better instead of making a new game, cause this is a sure thing.)

      Here, re buy it. It's 99% the same as the PS3/ PC version, less than a year later, but full price!

      I have a PC, WiiU and PS4. I don't buy Sony consoles for multiplatform games (I know they are most likely going to look better there this gen, but I buy multiplatform games on PC cause they are cheaper/ better) I buy them for the exclusives.. Not remakes of them.

      Same with the X1. I want one, and I really want Halo (I've only played the original of the first game so H1&2 Anniversary and the rest in HD are sweet for me) But I don't want a console just to replay the old gems. I could just get a 360 for half the price with other games. So I guess I'm waiting for 2015 until I get another console.

      Edit: Down voted after saying that Halo's HD versions are the right way to do it... Fanboy alert I suppose.

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        I think you would be surprised at how many older games from previous generations (including last gen) people haven't played. Many of these HD remastered works are a great way for gamers (particularly younger ones) to catch up on games that they didn't get around to playing.

        So, in my situation, I have yet to play games like The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, GTA 5 and even Beyond (as I've been going through a BIG backlog of older titles in recent years) meaning I can get these instead for platforms that support remastered versions of them. Of course, people who already bought these games when they initially came out will cry foul due to a sense of betrayal at buying an inferior version. But for me, these rereleases are very convenient as I wish to experience them with extra content and/or increased visual fidelity.

        As a matter of fact, the game I'm playing at the moment is Okami HD.

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          I just finished playing Okami HD. And I agree about people not having played the originals. I myself have only played Halo 1 and a bit of 2 and would like to pick this up, eventually.

          I was also holding out for GTA cause I knew it would at least come to pc. (And, frankly, the next gen version looks like cross gen games used to look: Completely different to the last gen game. I remember playing the Force Unleashed on PS2 then PS3 and the difference was contrasting. Not just higher resolution.)

          I think the issue comes in when there are just not that many AAA or AAA 'exclusive' titles and more and more 're-masterings' instead. IMO: If there are large updates to the game to bring them back to life AND they come either discounted, or with the other titles in the series, then it's completely worth while and good value.

          When, however, we get one game, with barley any differences, at full (Or almost full) price (And so close to the initial release)... That is when I'm not exactly all for it.

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    While it doesn't look like the best of the newer games, I wasn't expecting it too. Also, I feel that the way they did Halo HD (And now Halo 2) was the right way to do a 'remastering'... A full over hall AND the original just higher res. That's how all HD 'remasterings' should have been (Most are just the original at HD). IMHO. So much more value IMO.

    This collection has sold me on the Xbox One. If I never get another game for it, that's fine. But reliving the glory days of Halo 2 multiplayer is going to be great. All the people I used to play with are psyched too, so I'll be picking up an X1 purely for this. I might actually finish Halo 4 this time around - I lost interest very quickly, which was a shame, because the story seemed cool. The game wasn't great enough to keep me plowing through though.

    The first thing I'm going to do is just move between the menus for all of the campaigns and listen to that sweet, sweet music.

    I'll get this for xbone once it has dropped from full price at release.

    What are you guys bitching about, you're buying Halo 2 Anniversary but another 3 games get chucked in and buffed up a bit for free (because it's still only standard game price). All on a single disc with multiplayer and all. It's amazing how much value this is.

    If you don't like it for some anus reason don't buy it, but stop your bitching in the comments, I come here for a bit of a laugh or to see people like me excited for it like some people here

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