Marvel Crams The Guardians Of The Galaxy Into Every Video Game It Can

Marvel Crams The Guardians Of The Galaxy Into Every Video Game It Can

If the official Guardians of the Galaxy mobile game not enough for you, worry not — Marvel’s cramming Star-Lord and friends into every gaming orifice available, from Xbox Live avatars to Minecraft skins.

Disney Infinity 2.0

We learned of the official Guardians of the Galaxy playset for Disney’s property-spanning creation toy last week. I just wanted to post another picture of Rocket.

Marvel Avengers Alliance

The Facebook role-playing game’s next Spec Ops mission will feature a new story written by Alex Irvine focused on Guardians heroes and villains.

Marvel War of Heroes

Since August is already spoken for (stupid Armour Wars), the Guardians have to wait until September to take over Marvel’s mobile card game in a massive themed raid event. The trailer above has nothing to do with that, I just have a format to uphold.

Marvel Heroes

Gazillion’s Mighty Marvel MMO already has preorders open for players to purchase Drax, Star-Lord, Gamora and Groot, adding them to the obviously already-purchased Rocket Raccoon to round out their team.

Marvel Pinball

Not only is there going to be an official Guardians of the Galaxy pinball table in Marvel Pinball, the table begins with four-ball multi-ball in effect, in honour of some sort of rude comment about testicles I should probably keep to myself.

Minecraft (Xbox 360 and Xbox One)

This pretty much had to happen.

Xbox Live Avatars

For when you find yourself with a couple hundred spare Microsoft real money points.

And there we have it. The Guardians of the Galaxy are going to be everywhere you want to be, though they won’t be truly inescapable until Angry Birds Guardians of the Galaxy is announced.


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