On Cliff Bleszinski, Zynga & Meetings

On Cliff Bleszinski, Zynga & Meetings

Cliff “Cliffy “Dude Huge” B” Bleszinski, formerly of Epic but on a break for a while, has a new gig. It’s being published by Nexon, but before signing on that dotted line, he met with pretty much everyone. And that included Zynga.

In a Reddit AMA, Cliff says:

I know so many folks at EA, Ubi, MS, etc… After I left Epic I felt like the belle of the ball, EVERYONE wanted to meet with me when to be honest I just needed time off. But I have a very good agent who did the deal with Nexon, and he was eager, so after stalling him as long as I could (and knowing I’d want to come back eventually) I met with nearly all of the old guard. Even Zynga. (Mark Pincus came into my meeting 45 minutes late.)

If that doesn’t sum up Zynga in 2014 I don’t know what does.

A couple of other things from the AMA: Project Bluestreak is indeed named after the Transformer. And here’s some art from the game.

On Cliff Bleszinski, Zynga & Meetings

AMA [Reddit]

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