Sniper Elite 3 On Xbox One Vs PS4 Vs PC

Sniper Elite 3 On Xbox One Vs PS4 Vs PC

Sniper Elite 3 seems like a perfect summer-doldrums game, a guilty pleasure that will keep you occupied while not much else is on the horizon. Wondering which platform should you get it for? You should watch these comparison videos first. There is a clear loser.

One sequence from the stealthy WWII game gets captured on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in a crop of videos from Digital Foundry. In the cutscene and gameplay moments that follow, the PC version of Sniper Elite 3 handily outshines the others. No surprise there. There’s really noticeable screen-tearing in the footage from the XB1 though, making it the underachiever of the three different versions. For what it’s worth, Kotaku staffer Steve Marinconz says that he’s seen some sluggishness while playing through a PS4 copy of the game. If you’ve got a hankering to shoot some Nazis in the face and have a choice of platform, the choice here seems pretty clear.


  • wtf… is that tearing and slow down real or faked? why would they even release the software in that state the X1 is more than capable on handling it….

    • Look on Eurogamer. The X1 is mostly above 30fps but below 60fps, the PS4 is just above most the time with less tearing.

      Either way the game isn’t the most technically cutting edge, but still looks decent on both consoles.

      This is what I would like to see from multiplatform games this gen: 1080p, Pretty much uniformity, and close to 60FPS. Just wish there were no tearing, but we will see.

    • Apparently they have put in a vsync option, which will result in no tearing, but lower fps and higher controller lag. DF didn’t capture any footage with that option enabled, as it’s obviously intended to be a 60fps experience.

  • I’d expect that to be sorted with a driver fix. It reminds me of when I first put FFXIII in my PS3 though and got a load of tearing everywhere. That was more to do with my crappy CRT TV at the time though as it all disappeared when I got a new HDTV.

  • Still doing this? Remember that movie Avatar? What great graphics that had…..

  • I’ve got the Xbone version and I have to say I’m not overly thrilled by how it looks.
    It’s ok in places, but it’s certainly not a consistently pretty game.

    About 5 missions in there’s a fort that you have to infiltrate, I don’t know if anyone else has the same issue but for me the framerate once you got inside the fort was atrocious! It was weird too because it didn’t look like there was that much going on aside from some fog effects, certainly no more than was happening regularly in other parts of the game.

    It is fun though, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it just because the graphics aren’t the best.

  • Pc wins out of the gate due to controls. Sniper elite demands mouse and keyboard not a controller. I own a ps4 and plugged in my controller to compare but it just doesnt. The pinpoint accuracy of a mouse is definitely needed.

    • While I agree with you, I’m really surprised by how well it plays with a controller.

      Once I’m zoomed it’s surprisingly easy to get my recital over whatever I want to shoot.
      Generally I hate playing shooters with a controller, but it’s slow paced enough that you don’t really need twitch reflexes if you’re playing it properly.

      I think it’s more playable on a controller than 90% of shooters.

      • Oh its not unplayable at all but the mouse defi itely allows that finer aiming that compliments it.

        • I’ve always felt that mouse control in shooters offer too much precision. I mean, holding a gun is nowhere near as easy as pointing at what you want killed. I actually find that fighting the deadzone of a controller stick for accuracy is much more representative of an actual rifle.

          • o.O – you can draw links between a controller and a rifle. I sir, am truly impressed. Some people say the silliest things, the two couldn’t be more different. Now if you were talking about a hotas setup and a flight sim – cool. Controller and a rifle?? GTFO.

          • That is the most backwards statement. When you hold a gun, you hold it in your hand (much like a mouse) where the move your hand is 1:1 where the gun is pointed. if you had to shoot a gun using a springloaded thumbstick you wouldn’t hit a damn thing

          • I agree with this totally. It’s something I’ve never thought about before but that really does sum up the feel of aiming a rifle.

            @joe, The key point there is fighting the deadzone. Not the physical controls. It’s a spot on comparison about the difficulty in getting just the right amount of movement without overdoing it.

            @ricky, you’re missing the part where 1:1 perfect movement of your hands when aiming is actually pretty god damned hard. If you think otherwise then great. I look forward to seeing you representing your country in the 2016 Olympics.

    • I hope you’re referring to something else other than controls. I’ve played the game on my PC that is more than capable of handling it, but I’ve played it using a 360 controller. I had no problems at all. Even managed to headshot another sniper from 132m through his scope; saw the scope itself shatter and blow apart in slow motion xray cam, followed by his head.

      • Weresmurf: “Pc wins out of the gate due to controls.”

        Geth: “I hope you’re referring to something else other than controls.”

        Well, clearly I am talking about the controls and I stand by my statement. I’ve played it with the controller, it’s functional and works well, but it works far better with the mouse and keyboard with the pinpoint accuracy it provides.

    • I hadn’t heard many impressive things about the series but I picked up V2 when it was free and played it during the Summer Sale while earning cards for it, and I had a freakin’ ball. I imagine 3 is only refined.

  • I rented this out on the Xone and I’m fairly sure there was a vsync option which got rid of that nasty tearing. It ran alright but is a buggy mess of a game regardless.

  • More sony lies and propaganda. I have played them both…screen tearing on both. Xbox obe version “a more consistant frame, closer to 60 fps on xbox one” and “significantly better color saturation in addition to several other minor advantages in the xbox one version.”……Gamingbolt

    Sony must be getting close to bankruptcy and getting desperate to pay for this propaganda…cause the xbox one version is better….played them both.

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