Someone Beat Halo In Under 97 Minutes For New World Record

Someone Beat Halo In Under 97 Minutes for New World Record

And the guy playing only died seven times. Masterful! Speedrunner Andrew Halabourda set a world record for a few months ago when he beat the PC version of the first Halo game on Legendary difficulty in 1:38:57. Last night, he managed to shave off even more time with a run that clocked in at 1:36:40.

His even-keeled commentary is one of the best things about Halabourda's runs, which belies the stress and pressure he must be feeling while trying to top himself. "This is a mess of a record," he says at 1:29:34, followed by "I do not know how to feel about this run anymore" at 1:30:07. Sloppy or not, it's a new world record. So you should feel good, Andrew. Damn good.


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