Destiny Beta Opens A Day Early


    Got me codes, will check it out tonight.

      Got any spares by any chance? :)

        Na sorry mate already allocated to few mates, seems like there is plenty going around though.

        I got extra codes hit me up add my gamertag RICHYL0C THE "0" IS actually a zero xbox one

    Got the email this morning when I was on the way to work and my wife is out chauffering her grandparents all day! I'll have to text her the code this afternoon so she can get the download started.

      Can't you do it through the XBL website? Or can you not get to it from work?

        Don't think remote downloads work until August update, he could always enter code online and get the wife to turn xbox on though.

    I have a whole day of work to get through first. *frownieface* I'm keen to get back in and give Destiny another solid go, because I really want to like it. Sounds like they've added new maps and a new Crucible mode as well so that may give me a better view of how it will fare (with me) in the long run.

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    OK, so I'd really like to have a go at the Destiny Beta on Xbone. I'm thinking about pre-ordering it, does one need to do it online or can they walk in-store and receive a code once they've ordered it?

      I preordered it on, received my code then cancelled my order so wasn't charged anything.

      They actually gave out 3 codes per pre-order, so if you ask around you may find somebody has a spare one. That's how I got mine.

      I ordered mine via the JB hi-fi website and they emailed me the code a few hours later.

    14% installed after 20 minutes.. why is Live so slow?
    (I'm lucky enough to live 200m from an exchange, my internet is really quick)

    Hurry up, ya bastard..

      The client is around 10gb+ so your speed is actually quite alright there

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        seriously? I get 20gb in about 5-10min when downloading digital from xbone.

          Do you mind if I go to your house and kill you and enjoy your NBN?

          My ADSL2+ could only go tops 2-3Mbps downloading from xbone or psn

            Be my guest ;) I dont know the exact speed of download but when I run test on xbox live I'm connected around 130mbs.

              :( That is a so nice. Must be nice to never have to see the streaming loading icon ever again.

                To be honest, where I live (wellington) had cable installed when I was about 16, I'm 32 now so have always had around 15mbs minimum. Unlimited 130mbs is about $115 a month.

                  WTH!?!? Lucky bastard.... I blame Tony Abbott for this.

                  Wooo, lucky me at 200kbs and a cap of 15gb per month...

    Rage rage PS4 early rage rage why do they get their access early rage rage something about bungie loyalty rage rage

    Am I complaining about Destiny right?

    If anyone has a spare code i'd like to give it a look-see on XBone! Have 3 days off thanks to my wisdom teeth coming up and need something to play!

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      Man... I remember when I had my wisdom teeth out. I was in no shape to be playing or doing anything for the 3 days after. I spent most of it completely zonked out on some hefty painkillers.

        aw.. there goes my gaming plans then! maybe i'll get some on day 4 or 5.. optimism?

          Well I had mine done a long time ago (about 15 years), so perhaps the anaesthetics and painkillers are better now than they were back then. Also depends how bad yours are... I had all 4 done in hospital under general anaesthetic - if you're getting it done in the dentist chair and/or have the benefit of more modern drugs then you might pull up better than I did :P

            Yeah I pulled up well after having mine extracted - literally a normal visit to the dentist some local anesthetic and a pair of dental grade pliers ;) although I only had one pulled at a time.

            I've gamed under worse conditions ^^

    Yep, got my email this morning. And I shall continue to play vicariously through everyone on here because I've got no home internet for the foreseeable future. *sigh*

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    I have a code, pm me why you should get it, Xbox one :)

      I'm not sure how to PM, so I'll drop to my knees and beg like a dog. It is my birthday on Friday and had my birthday present this week cancelled when London Grammar pulled out of coming to do a Melbourne show.

      I am a sad man! *puppy dog eyes*

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        All yours buddy: MFHDJ-4WDX6-797M6-7P6KG-T733Z

        I thought you could private message on this site, guess not :p

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          Damnit, I tried to redeem it online but it's saying it's not a valid format lol. Thanks anyway though!

            Try on your Xbox in the marketplace

              Yeah, marketplace is timing out when I try and boot it up. I got a code though which is good!

                Of course you have to hope that all the readers of this site are gentlemen and don't snaffle your code now it's out there in the open.

                Come on, everybody... UPHOLD THE HONOUR SYSTEM :P

                  Haha I'm not even going to check and just acquiesce to those that are faster than me.... I NEED TO GET HOME NOW!!!

    Noo, I was all set to pick up my Xbox One tomorrow to be ready for Friday!

    Anyone got a spare Xbox One key? I'm "working from home" so would love to take advantage of the beta.

      Still need one?

        Yeah still after one (how on earth do we PM on here? I see people mentioning to do so)

        If anyone has a spare one pretty please send via email to : [email protected]

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          Not sure to be honest.

          I've sent one to that email address.

          Have fun!

        I need one? You would be a gennulman if you could sned me it ;)


          Thats my last code.


    I currently have 5 Xbox One Beta keys. I pre-ordered through JB-hifi and didn't get my codes, so I panicked and did the Amazon trick... then JB sent my codes. So if anyone wants one send me a message!

    All gone, sorry.

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      You can email me one if you can...

      EDIT: Nevermind got one :)

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        Bah! I didn't read the edit. Share the love, share the code I sent.

      Hi itwastibor, if you still have any left could you please send it to!


      @itwastibor If you still have one, can you email it to me at

      Thank you!

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    can i has one of your codes please?

    MYLMNOP @ hotmail dot com

    If you have a spare, may I grab one? (xbox one)

    Please send me an xbox one key.


    one for me please?

    Hopefully now everyone stops calling this an RPG. It's just a shooter with lots to do, like Bungie said from the start. And what a cracking game it is..

    Free XB1 code for the early birds:


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    If anyone has a spare Xbox one code it would be much appreciated

    Has anyone preordered it from Zavvi and not gotten their code? About to send them an email but want to hear from others too. Honestly not in a rush or anything, but if it's advertised on their site then it'd be nice if it was actually sent.

    Hey guys!

    I pre ordered my game from EB last friday (xbox 1) and i haven;t got my CD key yet.

    I have a couple of questions.

    1. Has any one got their beta key from EB games yet ( WA) If so how long?

    2. Does any one have a spare one and willing to give me it

    Unfortunately i fly out on wednesday for work and wanted to play over the weekend



      Hi shadow,

      I preorder from eb games and the code was on my receit.

      I have a spare xbox one code if you are still needing one?

      What's your gamer tag?

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