Not The Smoothest Way To Hit Level 8…

Not The Smoothest Way To Hit Level 8…

…but I’ll take it.


  • Cool article.

    Besides that I’m actually really loving Destiny a lot more than I was expecting to.

    • Maybe we need two different types of posts on this site.

      Snippet: random pointless stuff like this
      Article: substance

      Maybe then people will stop complaining about these crappy 1 liners. Perhaps we an even filter the list to remove them?

      • Exactly. Allow some sort of filtering like my Gmail filters so I know all this stuff and anything from Patricia and Plunkett can skip my RSS feed.

  • Half a sentence and a gif, new record. Seriously though pretty disappointed the level cap wasn’t increased even a little for the beta, I got a level 10 blue shotgun I wanted to use 🙁

    • How do you guys keep getting blue stuff. I can barely get my full armor to green and I still can’t any green scout rifle. I ran devil’s lair like 5 times and keep running story quest at level 8 for loot + completion bonus but I’m not getting anything!

        • Argh, I’ll run more devil’s then. Can farm glimmer at the same time with those ether seeds.

          • To farm glimmer you’re better running explore for an hour or two, got like 500 yesterday just from an hour’s worth!

          • True that! I usually load up the heroic mission where you fight off waves of fallen and get my ether seeds going there =]

      • Talk to the engram guy in the Tower, and buy heaps of stuff. As you buy, or decode ones you find in the wild, your ‘reputation’ with him will increase. At each new rep level, you can potentially have access to better engrams to purchase. By rep level 2, I had full green gear equipped, and four or five blue pieces sitting in the bank. Now I’m rep level 3, but no idea what kinda drop rates he’ll give now.

    • Yeah agreed – I have blue boots and gloves and a blue sniper and purple hand cannon – all level 10 :c makes to impatient!! ~ Thrashed the game over the weekend was so much fun.

  • I’m signed up for the beta for xbone, what do I need to do on the 24th to get my beta keys? do they send them to me or do i need to login to bungie.

    • What do you mean sign up for beta for xbone? You mean you have put the code into the code redemption at You have to pick your platform at the page after putting the code and they should send you an email with the code when the code is out.

      • Yea i put my code into and chose my platform, havent heard anything since, ok sweet cheers.

        • Just sign back into Bungie on the Xbone beta release day and choose the “Redeemed Codes” tab and it’ll list out your beta codes there. Assuming it works the same as the PS4 beta, Bungie will give you 3 codes to use / giveaway.

    • Well to sign up you needed to have a account. Sign into that account and go to the “codes” tab on your profile page. There will be Xbox Live codes listed there when they are available.

    • They are yet to decide. Here is hoping. I wouldn’t mind starting from level 1 if my vanguard and crucible progress was carried over.

    • All news has been maybe, probably depends on how much they end up changing those first 8 levels and missions between beta and release. Not really worried personally, it’s only about 4 hours to get there

    • Not sure, but the entire amount of content is only about 4 hours of gameplay, so even if you get in on the last day thats plenty to take a full test.

      Gotta admit it was better than i expected, just less content than any BETA ive ever been part of.
      In 6 hours i levelled 2 toons to 8 and smashed every mission/event a couple times.

      The multiplayer co-op is good, will pick it up just for the co-op with my brother i think.
      FYI for anyone playing on PS4 with mates the default headset for the PS4 is sooo bad its not even worth using, im 6.1″ (so not a small bloke, nor do i have small ears) and the earpiece doesnt fit in my ear, it sorta sits on it…. sorta… if i hold it in place.

  • Was a bit disappointed in how much I’d already played in the Alpha, but it’s still great fun to play, especially with a couple of mates. That mission on the moon is evil in how it taunts you with it’s ‘not available’ status.

    I do love playing football in the tower though

  • A pretty lousy Beta, actually. I’m slightly concerned by the lack of content. It’s the same stuff, set in the same placce, done over and over again. The world ‘explore’ missions are the same thing you did just before or ‘kill some enemies’. You can get to level 8 in a couple hours, and the cap is soft-cap 20 for now. There’s only two sub-builds per class.

    If they don’t flood us with content on actual release, the game will be very mediocre.

    • I agree.
      This beta really made me aware of just how much “MMO-ness” there is in the game. Lots of grinding repeatable quests for rep, etc.

      There’s an awful lot of invisible barriers in place as well. I hope these are only for the beta, as I’d love to truly be able to explore during the “Explore” missions.

      Still, multiplayer is pretty classic Bungie; mechanics are quite tight, and the three class system is a nice layer on top of simpy having favourite weaponry.
      Edit: On top of that, Bungie know how to community pretty well. So I’m sure there’ll be quite a few community events (seems that Iron Crucible is something to that effect).

  • Can someone please disprove my initial impressions that’s it’s just another modern military shooter?

          • I don’t know, when I look up videos all I see is CoD with the occassional melee bomb and jetpack drift.

            But then again what I loved about Halo might be considered vastly different to what some people think Halo is. Check out my review and insight opinions on my Youtube channel and tell me what you think.
            Don’t forget to like, share, comment and subscribe.

          • Gameplay-wise, I think it’s closer to Halo than CoD. It’s not quite insta-kill like CoD, but people aren’t bullet sponges either. That was initial impression until I visited the tower and saw players dancing on vendors, “Yep. This is an MMO,”

        • I haven’t played a COD since Modern Warfare, but I can tell you that a lot of the guns in Destiny feel like they’ve been pulled from Halo. And the melee punch? Oh man, that’s some straight up Spartan/Master Chief stuff right there.

          (I wonder why that is?)
          I don’t actually wonder.

          If your definition of “modern military shooter” is pointing guns at baddies, then sure there’s going to be similarities to COD, BF, etc.

          In terms of multiplayer content, it’s definitely Halo. No ifs, ands or buts.
          In terms of “single”player (more accurately just PvE) content, I can’t say with 100% assuredness. The guns feel pretty Halo. The skill system seems pretty unique.

          Honestly, it seems that you’ve already decided that you don’t want to play/like it, so I don’t think I can, or should, cahnge your mind. It’s fine for different people to play different games. I know exactly what I’m buying come September, so if anything else comes out that month it’ll be far under my radar. I’ll be relying on people like you to tell me if I missed out on some hidden gem.

    • It’s not. Headshots aren’t insta-kill. Can’t pump torse with 3-8 bullets and call it a day. Varied enemies. Random events.

      • It is one shot if your’e snipering (i know) punks. Sensitivity is still a bit low for me though. I hope they at least raise it come release day

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