What Are You Playing This Weekend

Last weekend I finally got my consoles set-up and I played a ton of different games. I played a bunch of Velocity 2X, I played The Last of Us: Left Behind on the PS4. I also played a good amount of Fez on my PS Vita. It kinda felt good to be back in the saddle.

This weekend I'm playing Destiny. That's pretty much it. It's been a slow week for me in gaming terms. I didn't actually get to play Destiny until Wednesday, and I'm currently at about level 5. Pretty pathetic. And that's me power levelling through the game doing it on hard. I've basically done up to the first mission on the moon and that's about it.

I know there's sort of been a mini-backlash to the hype surrounding this game, but I'm still having a ton of fun. I'll never have the time to invest in this game like I think some people will — most of my friends are at level 20+ by now — but I think I'll slowly play this to the level cap until something more interesting comes along.

Oh — I'll also be playing Desert Golf on my iPhone. Because that game rules.



    Gonna have to try and pry myself away from it for a little while though and get maybe get in some time with Velocity 2X, inFamous: First Light, and Disney Infinity to level up my characters some more before 2.0 hits on Thursday.

    Going to give Surgeon Simulator a run on the PS4, the game has had an availability update on the PS Store, so I picked it up for ~$16... going to be fun to mess around with.

    Otherwise, going to keep playing...

    Danganronpa 2 (2nd Murder has just happened) & Velocity2X (over halfway through)

      Danganronpa 2 any good? i loved the first one. Is it just more of the same??

        More of the same... some of the Class Trial activities have been changed abit, but for the most part you know exactly what you are getting. If you are unaware of the story behind it, do not search the internet for anything related to it, the game is easily spoiled.

        Basically a fresh class of students (although there is one returning student and they get some of the main questions you might have resolved earlier than the first game), dumped into a new situation... but Monokuma eventually shows up to change things as he normally does. Seems to be more low brow humour in this one, or fan service if you want to call it that! ;)

        First trial does the tutorial thing again and even though you'll be faced with a couple of prime suspects, one of which will be dismissed easily because "reasons", you get to a point midway through where you don't understand how/why the murder happened and that twist is pretty awesome and disturbing. Something that will be interesting to see unfold as the game continues.

    I'll be playing Destiny with friends, and then slotting in some Atelier Rorona Plus (Vita) and Etrian Odyssey Untold in between games.

    I'll be sitting in a corner wishing I had a PS4 to hop aboard the Destiny hype. (I know it's also on last-gen but would prefer just to buy it the once on current-gen)

    So instead I shall be playing Heavy Rain, and hope the weather doesn't follow suit.

      You do know that if you buy it digitally (off the PSN) you get a free upgrade to the PS4 version, so you can download it for free when you buy a PS4.


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        @mcgarnical reports that the cross-gen transitioning is seamless, too. He's playing on PS3 but loaded up his profile on his brother's PS4 and it all just worked.

          Yup! It even loaded my mission checkpoint exactly where I was.

        That's pretty good of Bungie to do that! It does say "for a limited time" though which wouldn't suit me. Promised myself not to get a PS4 until I finished all of my PS3 games.

          That limited time is til January, so as long as you bought the digital version prior to then you will be able to take advantage of the offer

          Don't think it means it's a limited time to claim the upgrade. I think it means that you've got a limited time to buy it and have the free upgrade included. I think you can claim the upgrade at any time.

            You have to claim the upgrade by 15 Jan 14. But you keep your ps3 license too so the workaround if you don't own a system yet is to log in from a friend's ps4.

      Ooh Heavy Rain is so good. Is it your first play-through?

        Yep, first time playing it. Don't really know much about it or what to expect!

          Make sure you tell us about it in the next TAY! I know @DC would be interested too!

    Super Mario 3d World on Wii U, Diablo III on PS4, and Arkham Origins on 360 (because I'm a filthy liar and started that instead of Deus Ex).

    Oh, and probably Desert Golfing. Because that game is, um, interesting.

    Pretty much mixing up Destiny with Diablo 3 (PS4). Mixed feelings about destiny - it's fun enough to take up a fair bit of my time, and I've enjoyed the cooperative, but... All the gear looks like different colours of the same stuff, enemy encounters are just repetitive shooter segments (up to Mars, NEVER gonna get bored of the whole "ghost tries to open a door, says it's gonna take a few minutes, waits until waves of enemies spawn" trope... :P
    Still, enjoyable for the coop.

    I'll just be sitting there thinking about how I'd like to play something but not actually end up playing anything.

    Halo 2, mostly for recording purposes. Then working on my review for it.

    When I get some spare time, maybe some games on my 2DS or whatever is in my backlog.

      What's your YouTube channel, Kaiser? iv seen your comments and your head is screwed on well so id love to take a look ^_^

        Screwed on well?

        Anyways, I've linked my video several times (it's the only one on my channel at the moment), so I'm not sure how you missed it..

    Destiny, and been really getting into EVE lately despite several failed attempts over the past couple of years.

    Destiny. Fun so far. It's very easy to pick up and put down. Ideal for a busy person.

    Making more people jump to their deaths in the tower by dancing out on the guidepoles where ships dock. Maybe some more dark souls 2

    I don't want to, but I know I'll spend like, all day Sunday playing Minecraft. Maybe more Destiny.

    Destiny, Minecraft and probably Diablo 3

    I starting playing Sword art Online Hollow Fragment yesterday. My gosh so many unskippable text chats. But heading to a island with the lady friend so might bring my vita and try to look past it all. Other than that i will be playing the role of awkward guy that nobody knows at a family reunion that isnt mine :P

    Probably just some Minecraft, and maybe some Pokemon. Pokedex bank project is done, so now it's time to start ramping up preparations for PAX.

      I really need to start work on a better team since I'm planning on bringing my DS to PAX.

        My friend code is 3668-7797-0858.
        Add me! I like to have as much friend safari as possible, and I'm happy to trade and help you get 'mons that you're after.

          Will do. Not sure what I'm after yet but having more Friend Safari options never hurts.
          I've got Ghost type on my 2DS, Shuppet, Pumpkaboo and Spiritomb. On my 3DS I've got Ground with Dwebble, Magcargo and Rhyhorn.
          You'll have to let me know if you want the 2DS though since I haven't turned it on in ages.

          2DS Friend Code 4356-0604-8134
          3DS Friend Code 4441-9390-1637

            Think I've already got all the ghost ones, so it's all good. If you can think of something, drop me a mention and let me know. Literally banked every regular 'mon in the game so I can breed most things.

              Yeah. I did that with my Pokebank too. I managed to get every regular and non-event legendary captured in their original region. Even a few like Pokemon Channel Jirachi. The only real thorn in my side is the Pokemon Ranch Mew coming from the wrong region even though I actually had three from the original RBY distribution.

              So far I haven't touched on breeding much. My only bred perfect is my Bulbasaur. Chosen purely because Bulbasaur was my first Gen I starter. Getting females was really hard but I started with like a two IV female and a ton of three IV males from Friend Safari so I skipped a lot of work.
              I'm tempted to sink the time into rolling a near perfect IV Kanto Bulbasaur on my GBA but I think that's a sure path to madness. I'm not even sure how I'd check the stats that early in the game.

                I fell off the Pokéwagon around '07 or '08, have come back for X/Y, but I've missed a slew of event legendaries in between.

                  I was absolutely in love with the games but I didn't really care for the rest so my momentum ran out pretty early. I got my full Pokedex plus Mew in Gen I but I didn't even make it into the official release of Gold and Silver. In retrospect playing half translated roms while waiting for the English release was a huge mistake. Killed my motivation entirely.
                  I only came back towards the end of B2W2, so I had to track down non-bootleg copies of the Gen III and IV games which was a nightmare.

    FIFA 15 Demo and Destiny.....I just brought myself a SteelSeries 3Hv2 headset (which works on the PS4) and want to roadtest it

    Finish Dead rising 3 play through on PC with a mate, then probably move onto Fable Anniversary (finally being released on PC tonight!) or finish off Windwaker HD.

    Destiny! Lvl 15 and need friends to play with (PS4), must have a mic - communication wins games.

    Zzzonked1990 - add me with a msg you're from kotaku if anyone is keen!

      Just hit level 16, myself. Looking forward to finding some co-op over the weekend. FR sent!

        Awesome, I'll be on after work in aprox 5-6 hours depending on peak hour traffic :p

    Probably a lot of Destiny if I can find a fireteam to hang out with. Otherwise, more Rocksmith - latest DLC tracks are a little too ambitious for me - Deep Purple, Ted Nugent and Lynrd Skynrd...

    Destiny only level 12 I plan to slog to 20 over the weekend.

    Destiny on console, Shin Megami Tensei IV on portable. Good times.

    I'm trying to get through some of my Steam backlog before the gametopia that is October is upon us. So, I'll be kickin' it old-school style and playing Half Life 2.

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