What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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It's Iron Banner time in Destiny, and since I'm not at light level 400 yet you'd better believe I'll be doing some fragging.

I've amazingly still not gotten bored of running around stomping - that's my term for the Titan's super ability - in Destiny, although I think it might be partly because I don't have another shooter in my life that hits the same kind of multiplayer beat. I've got a hunch that Ghost Recon: Wildlands will take over for a while when that comes out, thanks to all the silly crap you can do, but for now I'm quite happy to climb the Destiny leaderboards. (My average kills per game has been pretty soft compared to a couple of months ago, but then I haven't been using the Xbox Elite controller as much - something I should rectify.)

Other than that, I've been rather keen to play something on a mouse and keyboard. I've got a Dungeon of the Endless run going at the moment, which is pretty good - I'm on the fourth floor and have four heroes all with that special ability that lets them boost modules, which should make life a little easier. I also tried firing up Dawn of War 2: Retribution again, but after a couple of missions I got frustrated at how needlessly drawn out the missions were.

What will you be playing this weekend?


    Just started Wasteland 2 so will try and find a bit of time for that, plus the usual PES and BF1.

      What do you think of Wasteland 2?

        Only an hour or two in. Seems OK so far, although still trying to make sense of the controls. The tutorials seem to show up a bit later than I'd like ie I spend 15 minutes trying to figure out how to do something, then a tutorial shows up later to tell me how to do it. Controls aren't all that intuitive, but the game itself seems pretty good from the little I've played.

          I bought it on release, but still haven't played it yet :(

            I bought it months ago, only just got around to starting it this week because I got bored of Doom about halfway through so wanted to try something new. Flipped a coin between starting Wasteland 2 or Divinity Original Sin.

              I think the coin let you down there, wasteland is good but divinity is awesome

                Probably best to play Wasteland first, then, otherwise it might disappoint me if I played it after Divinity :P

            OK, so Wasteland 2 kept me up until 1am this morning before I forced myself to put it down and go to bed so that I can function at work tomorrow. I'd say it's starting to get its hooks into me :P it helps that I've levelled up a little and got to grips with the controls. UI still a little clunky and text is a bit small - obviously designed for PC viewing distance, not loungeroom viewing distance.

              I read somewhere that if you level up the wrong stats early, it will ruin your game; is this true? I normally level the wrong stuff so I'm fearful of beginning a play-through while I ruin the game lol.

                I don't know, it's still early on so I don't know if I'll have issues later. I'm trying to level up a good spread of skills across my party, though. It's probably best to have a group of specialists rather than a homogeneous mass of jacks of all trades.

    Trying to play through The Witcher 3, but stuck on the Dandelion story arc. (Am I the only one who doesn't care about this guy?). I have absolutely loved the game up to this point.

    So while I take a small break from it I am playing through FarCry Primal.

      Push through that, it's a bit tedious but what comes after is great!

    I was planning on finishing Nier ahead of Nier Automata but with the Nioh beta being this weekend i guess that will get all my attention now.

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    I'm going to finally push through the Nioh Last Chance Trial. I think it will tell me if I really do like it, I wasn't such a fan of the first trial.

    Just finishing off Watch Dogs 2. Also, bought Resident Evil 4,5 and 6 in anticipation of 7. Don't know how many of them I'll get finished between now and Tuesday morning, but I'll start with 4 and see how I go.

    Recently got Dishonored: Definitive Edition for PS4 so I'll continue trying to play that. I'm up to the 4th mission and I still don't see what others see in the game yet :(

      I think I played three levels in the first Dishonored and thought the same thing :(

        Yep.... Got it cheap on PC and never got far.... So I bought it cheap on XboxOne and..... never got far

    Pffft gaming?! I'll be going to the tennis all weekend. Love Australian Open time. That actually makes me think.... Where have all the good tennis games gone? i miss those.

      Tennis Elbow still gets updated. It's an indie title and the graphics aren't Top Spin/Virtua Tennis level, but the career progression and moment-to-moment gameplay is real good. Highly recommend for sports fanatics.

        Hmmm thank you, haven't heard of that one. I used to love Virtua Tennis for some multi action so if it's anything like that I'll be a happy man.

    Dishonored 2 - Took a while to get going but I'm getting into it now. I actually really love the clockwork soldiers dialogue.
    Maybe check out some of the humble bundle stuff I got, I'm thinking either Pony island or Valhalla.

      Dude, definitely worth jumping into Pony Island for sure. Worth playing in one sitting if you can spare the time, about 2-3 hours. So fricken good.

    Perhaps some Overwatch to stock up on credits a little before next week's New Year event.

    Finishing my platinum run on Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

    ~50 hours into Pokemon X. My Wailord and Aerodactyl are murder beasts.

    Starting to think the Spirit Harvester doesn't exist in D3 - been searching exclusively for one for the last 2-3 weeks... nada. Upgrading rares from the cube - SMKs, Last Breaths, Spider Queens, Rhen'ho Flayers, and DoDs galore. Might give it a break for a little while, or get my other WD her last two levels and try another build with a bit more surivivability.

    Other than D3... will spend a bit of time in Minecraft - saw that there was a new SkyFactory map out for 1.10.2, with a few neat features that eliminate a lot of the "waiting around for something to grow," so working my way through that. There's something oddly zen about starting with just a tree on a piece of dirt, and building an ever-expanding home in the middle of nothing... plus, it gives me a chance to try out some mods I'd normally ignore.

    Finally in the Patch content for FFXIV ARR, may not be able to hit heavensward by the weekend though, but should definitely do it be the end of the week.

    while queuing for dungeons i've been playing a lot of Project Diva Future tone, and holy shit is it way harder than the vita games, still haven't managed to beat an extreme level song yet.

    meanwhile i am preparing my cry bunker for next week as i don't know how i'm gonna balance Resi 7, Yakuza 0 and Digimon World all coming out at the same time.

    If you getting to 400 light, presume you have made a full recovery and the little pinkies have returned to their normal colour!
    I shall maybe see you on the field. 398 and just need one more banner to get me there.

    I finally finished lords of the fallen last week.

    So this weekend, if I find time I will play Wolfenstein: TNO. Or Brothers: A tale of 2 sons.

    AGDQ inspired me to get around to trying my hand at speedrunning BBI only in Dragon's Dogma so I'm currently trying to work out if there's a way to run it without relying on copious amounts of throwblasts for Daimon.

    Finally got my PS4 pro exchanged after a month through SonyStore (don't buy anything from SonyStore) so I am going to jump back in my flying car and play some FFXV.

    Im going to continue my losing streak in Overwatch competitve...

    Will play some shadorwrun hongkong that i got from the humble bundle (thank you kotaku), as I recently finished Satelite Reign and am hungry for something similar.

    That and keep making small upgrades to my park in Planet Coaster, i find the trick is to add bit by bit and stop when i start to get sloppy / lazy with designs.

    Seems like a retro kind of weekend. Sometimes you just want to finish a few games in a day.

    Story of Thor
    MK3 - only because i play in a dodgy manner that makes it super easy. Will tea bag Motaro and Shao Kahn
    I want to throw some cars so Two Crude Dudes followed by Crackdown (veering away from retro a bit)


    I have one challenge/trophy left on Gravity Rush. The Rift Plane Health Race. I got soooo close last night it was heartbreaking.

    If I can get that last trophy (or rage quit), not sure what I'll play next. Maybe back to Skyrim.

    Been training up trying to get back in the groove for this Splatoon comp on tomorrow. I think I'm ready.

    Destiny also, though I'm still making my way thru the campaigns; Taken King at the moment! Getting there :). 30/50 story missions completed, according to the progress thingy that popped up last night. Lv38, light level 198 though. Waaaay behind!

    So do you think performance increases with the use of the Elite? I've wondered that a bit myself; because you can move essential buttons off to the paddles, it gives you more permanent thumbstick access, after all.

      The problem with the Elite controller is that the paddles only replicate the face buttons (ABXY). I bought the controller thinking they could act as macros (particularly for Elite Dangerous which has a lot of combination commands).

      Combine that with my gigantic hands and super sensitive paddles, and now it's just a super well-built controller that I use exactly the same way as my other controller.

        The Elite also replicates the triggers, and most importantly, the L3 and R3 buttons. I have having to click those in to dash in games, so usually have that mapped to a paddle, like Doom (which I also had the R3 mapped to a paddle because the melee attack on R3 and being used so much, was a pain in the sitting-area).

        Using it for combined-buttons could be added though in a software update. I recall the original Darksiders having some very unwieldy button combinations to press! But then you're inviting "cheats" online with fighting games and the like, so I can see why it isn't allowed.

        Wait everything was always a dash in Doom :P. But the melee on R3 still sucked, and was still moved. I also switched the weapon wheel and the grenade buttons (the two bumpers) around, because grenades should ALWAYS be left-bumper :P.

        Just can't edit when I always comment as a Guest :).

    For the first time in several years, my wife is taking our 2 and 4 year old up to her parents for a week. That means ALL of Sunday and ALL Thursday and Friday (and all weeknights) are mine!


    Warframe and Prominence Poker will be the two most-played, but I'm feeling the urge to pick up my Fallout 4 and Far Cry Primal survival playthroughs also.

    Get around me, Mums and Dads!

    I started X-Com 2. Unlike my playthrough of X-Com 1 (reboot) I decided to start the game in Ironman mode. Getting really addicted to the game now. Only playing on normal (cause it's X-Com) but I'm really enjoying it. Really bummed cause last night I lost two robots and my mid level ranger that was replacing my high level ranger that died to several random criticals in a row. Then my high level medic got captured.

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