Playing Some Destiny This Weekend?


    If my internet drops out will the game continue when it reconnects or do I have no choice but to start from the title screen again?

      You can simply reconnect and resume. It's happened to me before during a strike.

        Lucky you i keep getting booted out of strikes when it happens.

    This weekend Zur is located in the area of the tower near The Speaker. If you have 13 strange coins you should go pick up an exotic item. For me there's only gauntlets armour-wise, but I already have legendary gauntlets and getting exotic ones won't give me the most bang for my buck, so I'll be waiting til next weekend to buy from him.

    I stopped playing after 24 hours and returned the game. You still playing?

      Yet your name is voidwalker?

        Voidwalker doesn't have to be referring to the Destiny subclass. Could be a World of Warcraft reference, or even just something that sounded cool.

        Voidwalker is from Dishonored.

          Ah ok, fair enough. Shame the game wasn't of any interest to you. I'm a day in now and don't really see myself slowing down anytime soon.

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