What Are You Playing This Weekend?

After spending months and months on Destiny, a slow transition is beginning to happen.

To Overwatch.

I've been a fan of Overwatch for a while, but it wasn't a game I played at all with my partner. She likes her shooters on consoles, and we've had hundreds of hours of fun with Destiny. But Overwatch has always been bubbling on the side, that game that might be a little more suited for the two of us, a little more suited for the way we play.

It certainly does some things better, like the way it highlights players' contributions at the end of a match. That's helpful if, like my partner, you're the competitive type who gets furious whenever you've just been bodied for the last ten minutes.

Apart from that, I'll be trying to spend a little bit of time with the For Honor closed beta. I'll be playing on PC, and if he gets any time from his family and console-destroying demon spawn, Mark will be on PS4.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Might have a crack at For Honor on PS4. I discovered a new recipe for a nutella cheesecake the other day so I might try making that.

    Fallout 4... I only got it now... I can't stop working on settlements.. Can't finish game.. Must try overwatch, Afraid since newbie...

      That's the secret. You never stop working on settlements.

    Still trying to get through The Witcher 3. I feel like I am nearly through the dull Dandelion story arc (after the amazing Bloody Baron story arc, this one is dull).

    However, if I find any time to play, I will probably end up playing a few games of Battlefield 1 with mates.

      Dandelion's questline actually ends up being pretty good towards the last third.

    Picking up Digimon World Next 0rder after work.. Really hyped for this one.

    Potentially some DQ8

    Also - offtopic - Burger business in footscray.. god damn that place is amazing.

    I picked up The Witness ($17 on PS store!) and Sleeping Dogs the other day, so will likely play those. Although, I'm only one main quest away from finishing Watch Dogs 2, so... hmm..

    Of course, this is only if I can wrestle the PS4 away from the person who is Overwatching like crazy to get some of the Lunar festival skins...

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    Digimon World!

    And maybe a bit of Yakuzo 0, although i'm going on a trip soon so i have no time to beat that at the moment.

    Try and finish Gravity Rush 2.

    Maybe start Tales of Berseria.

    Some Overwatch in between.

    Homefront: The Revolution, picked it up for cheap the other day

    It's my step sister's wedding so I'll be playing uncle distraction with my niece.

    Overwatch and LOL for me.

    although working Sat/Sun nights.. :|

    Xcom 2 - going to start getting psi soldiers

    - recover from awful solo que ranking games, i took some random advise from public chat ie "the only way to get out of trash ranks is to carry" which i have been doing for the last few wins. Just cant be bothered sometimes so might play some arcade / quickplay
    Will get it done before feb 14th

    House of the rising sun - need to fix / get used to the funky default controls and get into it, might even pull out the HOTAS

    Probably make a start on the Assassin's Creed Chronicles games, either that or get back to State Of Decay.

    Also, some Marvel Puzzle Quest and/or DC Universe Online. Just picked up Trackmania Turbo too.

    Then again, I still need to go back and finish Valiant Hearts, so I don't know.

    Smashing my way through Diablo 3. My current barbarian build seems pretty indestructible on hard, but can't lift the difficulty till I beat the story.

      Are you having any trouble with the game crashing? I re-installed D3 to try the Old Tristram storyline and now I can't get more than 10-20 minutes playtime before the PS4 Pro cacks itself.

        They released a patch (1.17) the other day specifically to resolve some crashing issues on the Pro. I've just been seeing engine lag - rubber-banding, corpses taking damage ticks for a good five seconds after they die, the occasional unresponsive button press - in Grifts since 2.4.3 (on the original non-pro PS4), but no crashes.

          I saw the 1.17 update last night and tried again but was still getting crashes in Story Mode. I didn't try Adventure Mode but i'll see if it makes a difference.

            No issues for me, just lucky I guess? Just on standard ps4 though.

              It seems to be a problem on the Pro. I played a few more times over the weekend and kept crashing. I guess I will just have to wait for another update.

    Probly a mixed bag this weekend.
    Bit of OW, CSGO, FIFA17.
    Also smashing into RE7 VR with the lads on Sat Arvo.
    I am a bit worried of being nub and nauseous.

    ~60-70 hours into Pokemon X. It just keeps on going!

    Breach Mode in Deus Ex Mankind Divided (it sucks pretty hard)

    Overwatch for some skins.

    I might if i have time, keep playing Watch Dogs 2, the game is miles better than the first, i might actually finish it this time.

    I'll be playing DayZ and then wondering why I bother playing DayZ.

    Will be putting a good deal of time into RE7, methinks - the first hour put me off, but after that it falls back into standard horror tropes with a slight RE twist. Maybe some Destiny - the nightfall doesn't look too bad this week, so might try for another shot at Icebreaker. And quite likely some more Minecraft - trying to get a squid to spawn in my Skyfactory playthrough, so that I can turn it into a ghast to create the item I need for flight, but can't get them to spawn. Well, I did have a couple appear in the witch-water in my mob spawner, turn into ghasts and deafen me as they died... but I need to trap a live one.

    Having just plonked down money on a Switch pre-order (yes, yes, I know) I am trying to get through a few of the WiiU games I've got in my pile of shame before the new console arrives and I never turn the WiiU on again. First up is Twilight Princess HD, so probably that.

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    Overwatch is bloody grouse, got it 3 weeks ago and I'm hooked.
    Resident Evil has been really good so far but I'm putting up a new fence tomorrow so I'm gonna save it for after that.

    Fallout 4 (Survival Mode) - Running through Fallout for the first time since release. My first playthrough from release was on normal difficulty. The difference is unbelievable and it feels as if I am playing a completely different game.

    FFXV if there is time. Too much planned this weekend because of Chinese New Year.

    Gong Hey Fat Choi!

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