What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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There's an awful lot going on this weekend, and a lot of it is gaming related.

First cab off the rank: the Overwatch World Cup in Sydney. I'll be pottering down to the event tomorrow with Tegan, so if you've picked up a ticket and want to have a chat, don't be a stranger! It'll be the first event of this size for The Star, which should be fun, primarily because it's an event close to the CBD and not in the middle of nowhere (read: Homebush).

The day after that isn't gaming related, but should be just as fun: the Neon Genesis: Evangelion movie marathon. It made sense to see the three movies back to back rather than making three separate trips to the movies, and it sounds like a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon anyway. Again, if you're going, let us know in the comments!

Gaming wise, the two major titles are the Destiny 2 beta and Splatoon 2. The multiplayer servers for Splatoon 2 have only just gone live - we received code a few days ago, but it was singleplayer/local co-op only action - so it'll be fun to see how those hold up over the next few days.

What are you playing this weekend?


    It's a Metal Slug kinda weekend.

    I just want to hear the narrator say "You're great!".

    Finally finished Dark Souls 2 earlier in the week which came as something of a relief if i’m honest, can’t say it wasn’t a good game but the first thing I did on Demons/Dark Souls/Bloodborne after finishing was hit the NG+ button, with this one I just don’t feel even remotely compelled to finish any of the dlc, just relief that I can see the back of it.

    After being burnt out by ploughing through DS2, I thought I’d relax a little with my next game so I’ve started Dark Souls 3 :D

    Early days so far, not sure what to make of the sped up combat - felt wonderful in Bloodborne but it feels a bit off here atm - probably just my adjustment period after being in the DS2 groove?

    One thing I’m hating so far legitimately though is the lock-on seems to have changed; range seems much shorter (and it was already ridiculous, especially compared to enemies) and keeps disengaging at stupid times - have died maybe 5 times already from slashing in the wrong direction, missing, and then having my bottom carved open…? There’s even an option to ‘Auto-target’ which says it will automatically target the nearest enemy when attacking with no lock but this seems not to work very well? Again, probably just me and I need to adjust but despite liking the premise and LOVING the first boss it’s one of those annoying things that grates, anyone who had any similar experience and persevered enough to overcome/knows a magic setting to change ti fix the lock on please let me know!? :)

    Also interested to hear what people think of the Destiny beta & enjoy Splatoon all those who are grabbing it! :)

      I finally played Bloodborne in March until I exhausted myself on it and now I'm playnig DS3 like a demon haha. Will be heading into the Ringed City this weekend.

      I just use the R3 click to lock on and it's been gold on anything that is less that a storey tall. I didn't know there was an auto lock, but anything auto makes my think "will be terrible" straight away. Maybe muck around a bit more and it will make sense? Good luck, ashen one.

    I'm playing Marvel super hero's, LoL and overwatch.

    Finished the main story of Yokai Watch and now going through the Infinite Inferno. Tried fishing for rare Marlin and Anglerfish but screw that for a joke.

    Borderlands The Pre Sequel is going well. About 2/3 of the way through, I think. Using the Baroness as a cryo-sniper.

    Tried out That's You last night with the kids. It was OK.

    I still haven't finished The Witcher 3 DLC's but I think I need a break. I'm feeling the itch to sink my teeth into Far Cry Primal or maybe strap back into my Cobra Mk3 in Elite Dangerous.

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate "what are you playing this weekend?" by far my highlight for every Friday at work, long time reader new contributor.

    I will be playing more of the Destiny 2 Beta!
    Started the other day and so far the campaign side seemed like they actually listened to the community and made a campaign worth playing, although this is only a sample size.. We will see if it holds true come September.

    Also probably try get my rank back up to supreme in CS:GO, have taken a long break but it always sucks me back in, especially seeing as I have CS friends all around Australia that I only speak with when we are all online.

    Amongst all of this I will be attending several birthdays which I can already feel the hangover from!
    Wish me luck

      Hey, that's awesome! Glad you like it. Good luck on getting to Supreme in CS:GO - I've climbed the ladders to GE a few times over the years, and it is a *hard* slog.

        I've always wanted to climb the ladder to global but I don't have the dedication for it haha the higher the rank the more frustrating the game becomes for me so I normally get LE or above and stop playing for months.. rinse and repeat!

        Keep up the good work with the articles (Y)

    I downloaded Splatoon 2 onto my Switch when I woke up this morning (although it is much more expensive for digital, I like the idea of being lazy and not having to switch cartridges to play it). Just have to get through a few more hours of work before I can crack into it.

    I'll be out and about this weekend so will take my Switch with me and will alternate between Splatoon, Zelda and Disgaea when I have some time.

      How good is the new Disgaea? Played the demo and it was pretty rad but wondered what someone else thought ?

        I didn't play the demo, but I would say that the gameplay 15 hours in is pretty similar to the gameplay from the start (they do introduce lots of new systems and features as they go through, but they are all mostly optional so far). I don't think its the kind of game I would have up on the TV and dedicate my full attention to, but its a pretty good turn based strategy game to play while watching something else on TV. I'm finding that I'm enjoying it more and more the longer I play it.
        Basically, if you enjoyed the demo I'm sure you will enjoy the full version even more.

    I got Breath of the Wild for my birthday a few days ago so I'll finally be able to start playing that this weekend.

    Pokemon GO anniversary event is this weekend too, I'll be alternating between Splatoon 2, and making exercise vaguely more fun by catching pokemon

    The new Diablo III season has started so I'll be giving the Necromancer a whirl. There will also be some Final Fantasy XII and Ray Gigant in there too.

    Titanfall 2 on PS4 Pro. Picked up on the winter sale. Could be a bit of fun pew pew pew

    The mrs is away for the weekend got a mate coming over with his Xbox and I got 2 samsung 55hu8500s setup in the lounge, picked up MW remaster, should be a good weekend.

    Gonna dust off the PS2 fire up GTA3 and crank some Linkin Park, and pretend its 2002 again


    I already put three hours in to multiplayer before work, so will start on singleplayer tonight.

    Shadow Warrior is FREE on the humble store today, so most likely that. Otherwise maybe Farming Simulator 15 which I picked up in the Steam Sale. And some TF2.

    Some Destiny 2 beta, but probably mostly VR sutff - picked up a Rift last week and have been really enjoying some of the stuff on PC - the tracking on the touch controllers and the headset are miles ahead of PSVR, so have been experiencing way less VR sickness thus far. Been having a blast with H3VR, and will be giving Superhot a shot soon.

    I think I've got almost all I can out of the D2 beta, tho, so I'm pretty content to wait for release - there's only so many times you can do that strike without the pull of meaningful loot, and have never been that interested in PvP, so there's not much left to do for now.

    I think I'm pretty much done with Horizon Zero Dawn. Should be close to the last mission and already mopped up most if not all the side content.
    After that umm thinking ill probably pull out Until Dawn from the ps plus "free" games. Or the Game of Thrones one if that's better. See how i go.

    Got a heap of trenching and plumbing work to do this weekend at my place, once I get tired of smashing conc I'll settle in for some MARIO Kart with the young bloke and might restart FF7 for the fun of it.
    Monday's going to come around too fast...

    I've been getting hyped for fortnite, which goes live tonight, so I'll be jumping onto that with a couple of mates and family for some coop base building shenans. Other than that, I think my other mates are still going to push me to play Destiny 2 with them, but not so pumped for it at the moment

    A combination of Battlefield 1 (new map) and Killing Floor 2 with the mates

    I'm getting a little embarrassed now that my post in this thread is still the same as it's been for the last three months: Zelda. 93 shrines down, Thunderblight Ganon in my sights (that guy is an a-grade a-hole), and then on to the castle. But I never want it to end.

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