What Are You Playing This Weekend?

what are you playing this weekendImage: Blizzard

There's something about being in a fixed role that has made Overwatch just a little nicer to play lately.

I've been playing a few more rounds of Overwatch since the role queuing came in, and I'm looking forward to spending some time playing with my partner over the weekend. Having people fixed in The Thing That They're Doing has made my games a little more ... placid, perhaps. People seem less concerned with immediately changing to the one solution that they think will immediately fix all the team problems they're facing.

On the flip side, there's been an uptick of people cracking the shits and immediately leaving as soon as the first point is lost.

Anyway, that'll be fun to work through. I'd also like to get in a little bit of World of Warcraft: Classic, because I haven't had the patience to work through the queues yet.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Astral Chain
    No Man's Sky VR
    Fire Emblem

    I might hop on WoW Classic, if it stop bouncing like a yo-yo

    otherwise it's back to Diablo 3 and the new season.

    Elimination Kill Team tournament and Hunt Showdown

    Finishing up the last few levels of Apex Legends season, also picked up Monster Hunter World yesterday so will sink a fair chunk of time into that this weekend.

    Finishing off South Park the Fractured but Whole
    Fallout 4 Playing Mods - Depravity, etc
    No Man's Sky

    I thought Control looked pretty good up until this week, now I think it looks like GOTY material.

    Alas, new parenthood will prevent me from picking that up for a while, but I do have Observation ready to go on my PC that I can't wait to check out (I really enjoyed Stories Untold when I played through it last year).

    WOW Classic mostly and some Dragon Quest Builders 2 to chill with. (Which is a bit of a pun since I'm in a snowy area) Speaking of ice and chill, I might give the Iceborne beta a go too.

    My NMS main quest has soft-locked, and I can't find a way to reset it, so I'll be starting Control, and continuing with Destiny 2. Maybe go back to NMS in a few months when it's a bit more stable.

    Continuing RAGE because some social activities got in the way of my gaming sessions last weekend.

    Having a blast with Horizon Zero Dawn. I'll see what else might grab my attention.

    Looking forward to getting in two full days of levelling in classic.

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