What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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I'll actually be having a shorter weekend because I'm Doing A Thing, but I'm not allowed to tell you all about that. And I've been playing A Game recently, but I can't really talk about that either. So let's talk about the one thing I can talk about: Overwatch.

Tegan and I have hit this frustrating wall with Overwatch's competitive play on console, where people keep leaving the game in the first minute. It's becoming a frustrating experience: if things don't go immediately great off the bat, someone quits, and everyone gets binned back to the menu screen. Or if our team is steamrolling the first point, someone on the other team quits, and the same thing happens.

I don't remember people dropping out of matches on PC quite so frequently, although playing on console means you have fewer keyboard warriors whenever someone picks Hanzo or Widowmaker. But it does feel like a death spiral of sorts, where people quitting (after the first few minutes) leads to lost games, which results in going further down the ladder, which results in more ragey behaviour, more quitters and even more lost points.

I'm not sure what the answer is, but it's making Overwatch a tad hard to play. Maybe we just need to switch to PC? Or play with a bigger group? I don't know.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Crushing peasants with my flail in For Honor!

      i found it clunky to begin with too, a bit of time and it feels good as, especially when you have your abilities unlocked

    Just bought The Witcher 3 during PSN sales. I'm finding the controls a bit clunky but enjoyable nonetheless. I'm playing on Death March difficulty though so probably punishing myself more than I need to (literally saving before every single fight). Just killed the Griffin and holy moly the map is huge in Velen. I can see why people say there is heaps to do...

      Oh man, to play that game for the first time again.... Enjoy!

      See you in 100-150 hours ;-)

      But seriously, Death March difficulty is good. Once you get a decent number of mutations it is not that hard at all. It feels 'right'.

        Yeah I was a little concerned about Death March difficulty, and especially early on it seems quite difficult. But it forces me to use all abilities/potions/oils etc. so I feel I'll get the most out of it. Literally 1 lesser mutigen so far so here's hoping they become plentiful soon. My decision for hardest mode is off the back of Alien Isolation hardest mode which was an excellent experience.

          Yeah you'll get heaps of mutagens, but the best ones are pretty rare unless you fuse them up.

          I always try the hardest difficulty of a game I think I'll like. I started Yakuza 3 on normal difficulty though, because I'm not extremely invested in it. Lucky I did, because although the run-of-the-mill mooks aren't too bad, there have been a couple of master/boss fights that have been quite challenging, even on normal.

    Hitman! Working on 100%-ing all the trophies in Sapienza before I move on. have my next two attempts planned...

    best game cc @hermitdc

      Man this game is actually really good! Sapienza is such a great Hitman level. I also personally like Hokkaido! Actually the only one I really dont like is Colorado tbh.

        Sapienza is great, so much variety, but
        It's a shame that actually disposing of the virus has a much smaller possibility space than the rest of the stuff- there's only a couple viable paths to take to do that, unlike the rest of the level.

        The User Generated contracts in Sapienza are so good though. Did one the other night called "Sniper Mario" that was hilarious

          I totally agree with your point regarding the spoiler. When I play the level now for achievments, I try to get that part out of the way first before doing the rest.

          Thankfully the other missions dont seem to have that problem.

            Ah, good to hear. I've got a little bit of unfinished business- couple kills, and an escalation - then I can move on.

    Nioh and For Honor. I may need to go for a long walk afterwards.

    And @alexwalker, we have Zero jealousy of you playing The Game, but in a few Dawns we too will see the Horizon. hfgl.

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    repeatedly watching my head get cut off in For Honor

    Nioh all the way!

    I'll be gaining rep for Fuma clan (triforce kamon)and destroying all that pledge to Toyotomi and Tokugawa.

      Hey, Toyotomi know the fastest way to a man's heart - his wallet. :P

    Sunday night Dota! Hopefully my friends will pull their finger out and join me this week. I'll also inevitably jump on Overwatch to lose some SR.

    Other than that, not much. I still have a bunch of games that I've purchased but haven't downloaded yet (Arkham Knight, Civ 5, dozens of indie games I've picked up as parts of bundles), but I doubt I'll get around to any of them this weekend. Might try and squeeze in some Witcher 3, but I say that every week and it never happens, so...

    I have just made my way over Skellige in The Witcher 3. Being a completionist, it's taking me a LONG time to get through this game! It may be time to stick to the main storyline and come back to the side quests later....

      No! Do all the side-quests as soon as they come up. That's the spirit of being a true Witcher :-)

      Also, arriving in Skellige is right up there for me with arriving in Mexico in RDR. The change in scenery is awe-inspiring.

        I don't think I'd be able to help myself anyway, so they'll be done. Personally, some of my favourite moments in the game so far have been some of the sidequests.

        Yeah, I'm a couple of hours into Skellige and have really appreciated the change of scenery. Also loving the change of culture. I know I'm going to enjoy my stay here. ;-)

    Nioh. Been tackling about a boss per night - last night's was a bit rough, but every death (except one) was completely my fault. Just got my first elemental dual swords - the scabbards are fur-coated, so they look like fuzzy batons, which, while adorable, seems... impractical when the blade is literally on fire. Unfortunately the first boss I fought with them was immune to burning, but every other enemy in the level got their arse set aflame. :P

    Ripping up Kamurocho in Yakuza 3.

    Overwatching for loot boxes.

    Stein's Gate. El Psy Kongroo.

    Overwatch, Hitman, Steep, maybe try and slog through a bit more FFXV. Want to try Redout which I got recently. Maybe some Pokemon Moon. Have a bit of a backlog at the moment, mostly due to smashing Overwatch.

    Well we around about 90 minutes into The witness so likely that.
    Maybe some black flag and darksiders 2

    Picked up Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on sale.

    I've been wanting to play it for a while, so that'll be me this weekend.

    Uncharted 4 multiplayer!

    Feel my smoke spamming, shotgun wielding wrath!

    Double fisting Gwent and Overwatch since it takes so damn long for us to get into competitive matches on PSN :D

    Titanfall 2 and Hitman Absolution and maybe some Rocket League just to see if I'm any good against the wave of noobs during the free weekend

    Nioh, Ark and Paragon have my attention at the moment

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