What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Send help people: I've fallen down the Destiny hole.

Over the last week I've been steadily getting into the Destiny train with my partner and a friend or two. Initially Destiny was just the game I was questing very slowly, something to play at 1:00 AM or 2:00 AM when I couldn't sleep and I just wanted to sit on the couch with a big warm blanket and do something a bit mind-numbing.

I'm still enjoying the simplicity of it all. I couldn't tell you what on earth is going on with Rise of Iron, vanilla Destiny, or anything else. I don't even know why the different characters are called Guardians.

But the core loop: blowing robots, zombies and whatnot away with grenades, rifles, and my flaming hammer of doom, is really good. I also pulled the trigger on the level 40 boost and I've been exploring the end game content — something I don't typically do with MMOs. I like exploring the story, although at this point I might end up doing that with another character.

Going through the various Trials, the daily Strikes, and a bit of Crucible here and there has just been fun. It's the kind of good, dumb fun that I wanted from The Division, but with a better mix of content and competitiveness for my liking, and without most of the glitches.

The first thing I'll probably do when I go home tonight is a few hours of Destiny. And maybe a bit of levelling my glass cleaner small forward in NBA 2K17 in the meantime. But what about yourselves — what are you playing this weekend?


    Forza Horizon 3 on PC. Game is fantastic and you can drive from Hanging Rock to Byron in five minutes.

    Destiny. :) Iron Banner most likely with my Warlock.

    We have a Kotaku AU clan.


    I like exploring the story, although at this point I might end up doing that with another character. Last week I deleted my several hundred hour Titan in order to do a "complete playthrough", playing the game differently to how I have with other characters. Do the story bit by bit, do Crucible early (something I've never really done before) and not worry about levelling.

    Anyway, if you're a PS4 Destiny player, feel free to join us - there's a small group of us kicking around fairly regularly. Mainly TAYbies.

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      How do I go about joining this Kotaku AU clan? I'm on the X1 and always on the look out for a regular raid group in our time zone but never found one.

        In the Bungie website https://www.bungie.net/ , you can join a clan when you've signed in. There are PS4 and xbox players there - should be able to add a few gamertags and make some friends.

      I've been struggling with ROI with the the grind but because of ammo issues...I don't mind grinding but I keep getting stuck in strikes and even the odd PE when solo (local fireteam issues not helping) with no ammo...Destiny is a shoot for loot and frustrating when I can't shoot!

      I think I'll be back on Warframe...ran a void defence last night with 3 others and was a shitton of fun...

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        Make sure you've always got a few ammo synths. Shoot for the crit spots. Shotgun minotaurs...

        Very rare I have ammo issues. When I do it's normally when I'm just spraying around and not really lining up shots.

        Think I saw you online last night? Jump in if you see us in a Party. Best places to play at the moment are Iron Banner and Archon's Forge.

          Thanks, drop me a request if you see me on...always got plenty of synths but the cooldown sucks.

          I'm just stuck in that dead range of 340-350 which limits how good the weapons are and it takes more ammo to deal with the yellow-bars. I like the level of hard in ROI I just dont get why they had to gimp our heavy and special ammo back in April, just grinds against the idea of a shooter to me...

        If you're playing the Weekly Nightfall strike this week, the Juggler modifier is on, which means you won't get any ammo drop for the weapon that you're using. Advice is to swap out to your special or heavy once you're low or run out. Use melee when necessary and run around to pick up ammo every now and then, too.

      Quick question - Are you guys chill group? I am not a bad player but I don't like playing with people who just whine for small things and scream on newbies. Destiny isn't fun with cry babies :)

        The most common response to someone cocking up spectacularly and getting us all killed is howls of laughter. Does that answer your question?

          Sweet ! Where do I sign up? bungie.net?

            If you join the Kotaku clan at bungie.net you'll be easy to find. But you can also friend me (just "Trikeabout") on PSN. Always happy to do strikes/patrols or help powerlevel an alt (having a pair of 300+ old lags shepherd a brand new character through the earliest story missions is very funny...).

    start Batman Arkham Knight to get primed for Batman VR (although probably won't, have an assignment due!)

    it was going to be Mafia 3, but the PC version is locked at 30FPS and appears to be 720p upscaled.

    Closed alpha of Ubisoft's new extreme sports game Steep.

    It's NDA-ed so that's all I can say...

    I'm a new convert to Rainbow Six Siege so I'll be grinding up a storm trying to get Blackbeard or Valkyrie (suggestions?)

    wonderboy in monster land

      Is the new one out or you playing sms?


          Nice. I clocked Monster Land and Wonderboy III back in the day. Loved those games, still do. I've recently got an RGB scart cable for my SMS1 and the games look great on a decent CRT (with scart or component).
          I look forward to trying out the new one and that other one 'inspired' by Wonder Boy.

    Finishing off Xeodrifter on Vita (it's surprisingly good).

    Grinding Project Diva X for modules.

    Finishing off Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut on PS3.

    That 30 minute Recore demo to see if it's any good... Other than that "replaying" more Gilmore Girls trying to get it done before November :P. Only 3.5 seasons to go :/.

    Skylanders Imaginators in t-minus six days...

    Might splurge on Mafia 3 or Forza for PC, not sure yet.

    Need something meaty to sink my teeth into.

      hold off on mafia 3 for the PC, the release has been pretty buggy. locked 30fps with reports that the physics are tide to the FPS as well along with reports that the higher resolutions are just 720p upscaled.

      Forza is damn good, spend your money on that. I'm loving it.

    Fighting bugs and aliens in XCOM 2 along with some Four Heroes of Light and Steins; Gate. (If VNs can actually be "played")

      Yes, VNs can be played because you make choices in them :-) It's no different to The Witcher 3 (minus all the action and RPG parts).

    Destiny: Iron Banner. Until I hit rank 5 on my other characters, run out of room in my vault for random weapon drops, or get sick of solo matchmaking pitting me against a mix of laggers and PvP pros.

    Then, probably Mafia 3. Really enjoyed 1&2, so been looking forward to this for a while.

    Forza Horizon 3 has time-limited challenges this weekend, so.. that!

    Not much, it'll be busy.

    Probably at least slip some Dragon Quest VII in.
    35 hours in & I'm still down a party member.

      Actually how big is that game????

        There's a lot of back tracking because of the time travel mechanic but it's still fairly huge anyway.

        Old school PSX JRPGs used to have such big worlds to explore.

        It seems pretty drawn out in a lot of ways too. They'd never do it in a modern game.
        But actually compared to the original, they've cut a lot of fluff.
        It was 3 hours in the original before the first fight. Got there in 1.5 in this.

          Is it very grindy?

            I'm used to having to spend some time on the world map running in circles to get good enough for the occasional dungeon.

            I haven't had to do that once. There was one battle where I had to back track through a short dungeon to buy better equipment because I was without my spells for story reasons.

            I don't know if they turned the difficulty right down or if I've played too much Shin Megami Tensei & find every problem DQ throws at me easy to overcome.

            There is a lot of wandering back & forth between places you've been at times. So some exploration could be considered grinding, but never the battles.

    I've just gotten back into Twilight Princess. It's been a while since I've played any games on the Wii U and the other night I was all "what is this giant controller!"

    I'll probably play some Destiny as well.

      Yeah i just started playing this on Wii U this week too. It feels so weird on the huge controller at first. That said, i like it a lot better than the Wii's motion controls for some reason. The resolution upgrade is pretty nice too.

    COD4 Remaster for me.... if i get time.

    Just picked up SFV now that it has the stage effects. Gonna rock it online with my new stick:


    I've started playing Overwatch a bit more regularly now so probably more of that, playing a lot of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on mobile because of an event. Playing lots of Clockwork Empire since I like watching semi-autonomous people live their lives before being eating by some kind of eldritch horror.

    I finished Deus Ex and Mirrors Edge Catalyst so possibly nothing on PS4...
    Still grinding away on Revelations because i want all my children to be super powered.
    Looking for something new...

      I suggest for PS4:

      Shadow of the Beast
      Sleeping Dogs
      Tearaway Unfolded

        Sleeping Dogs is brilliant! Haven't tried the other two...I'll look them up! Thanks

        Is Shadow of the Beast good? I remember playing a prototype at the EB Expo a few years ago, but not hearing much about it afterwards.

          Pretty good. If you've played the original there are plenty of tributes (and you can play the original within the game). If not, it's a serviceable 2D beat-em-up with exploration elements, nothing spectacular. I have a soft spot for the original and in particular the score by David Whittaker https://youtu.be/YKyB51o9AJg

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    Because I finished Dragon Age: Inquisition last weekend, this weekend is causing mayhem in Far Cry 4. I love it!
    I will also do some Lords of the Fallen.

    Will be picking up Mafia 3 and the Ghostbusters story pack for Lego Dimensions after work. So those. Still got ReCore to play through as well.

    This weekend is Festival of the Pedal! Bathurst, F1 Japan and Forza Horizon 3.

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