Destiny Player Discovers Rise Of Iron Ghost Fragment

It's September which means back to school for some, spring adventures for others and for a deranged few, obsessively combing through the world of Destiny in search of new items and secrets. With Rise of Iron just around the corner, Bungie is paving the way for the game's third year with a patch that, among other things, is already allowing a new exotic to drop.

Apparently, the patch also brought with it new ghost fragments, one of which was found by Reddit user adrianmignogna. The video above showing you where to find the "Clovis Bray 2" fragment was put together by esoterickk and explores a room underneath the Dust Palace on Mars.

For those who have literally done everything else there is to do in Destiny a hundred times, hunting for the five Grimoire Points and playing around with the room's scannable Dormant SIVA Cluster is as good a way as any to pass the time until Rise of Iron's September 20 release.


    The latest patch (1.27?) is around 10GB. Is this really all it does? I thought maybe they were preloading Rise of Iron into it. I'll get RoI, but I really dislike when devs make you download DLC in a mandatory update, which you may not necessarily want. Does anyone know what else this patch does?

    Yes, it is rather ridiculous (a little underhanded too) that ROI is in the patch. Here's the Reddit sticky for all the changes in the patch:

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      All the other Destiny expansions were done the same way.

    The update patch was a preload. Along with menu and weapon changes. For me it was 13gb.
    I'm excited for it, cant wait to find little secrets.
    Hope next reset they have little events leading up to it.

    Should I buy Roi and the taken king or wait for destiny 2?

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