Destiny Is Finally Getting Private PvP Matches

Destiny Is Finally Getting Private PvP Matches

Destiny, a video game in which players travel through space trying to think up good snarky one-line openings for Kotaku stories, is getting private PVP matches. Finally. Bungie announced the news on a livestream at Gamescom in Germany today. Private matches will be introduced when Rise of Iron launches on September 20. Looks like you can customise just about anything, from map to game type to time of day:

Here’s the latest ‘ViDoc’ from Bungie, offering a nice look at what Rise of Iron has to offer:


  • I definitely feel like I got rid of this game too soon…not gonna buy it back, but will hold on to Destiny 2 for its lifecycle.

  • Only taken two years to put in something that should of been there from the start, kind of like match making for easy mode raids, or the weekly nightfall, or being able to trade items…

    • TDM on Bastion at night. Hand-cannons only. No HUD. Team A will wear Glowhoo, Team B will wear… umm… that horrid pink SRL shader?

      So many things you could do with this…

      • LOL I’m just thinking it would be fun to play with people we like and not get pwned by a bunch of lag-switchers in Hungary.

        But yes, what you said. SWORDS AND SUPERS.

        • I mean… avoiding the laggers goes without saying.

          Ooo, I didn’t think they’d let you configure it for Mayhem… turns out Mayhem Clash is listed as a separate game mode in this… intriguing.

  • yay! This is good news, i’m not a big crucible fan (i’m old and cranky and can’t keep up with the young folks) so being able to just play a game with mates is a big plus for me.

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