Take A Look At More Destiny Multiplayer In Action

Take A Look At More Destiny Multiplayer In Action

Despite being a huge fan of Bungie’s multiplayer work with the Halo series, I’ve sort of ignored the fact that Destiny will have a multiplayer component. I think that’s because the game seems to be really focused on being this RPG/Shooter/MMO style experience and that’s been the leading dot point. This video, part of IGN’s month long focus on Destiny, is a timely reminder that Destiny will have competitive multiplayer, and it will probably be pretty awesome.

Because when it comes to console shooters, Bungie might be the absolute masters of making shooting fun, particularly in a multiplayer context. You think of map design, you think of balance. Halo might still be the greatest console shooter of all time, and its multiplayer component was almost an afterthought. I’m hoping that, with a fresh slate on Destiny, Bungie is in the process of creating something spectacular — perhaps even something that will work on a competitive level.

Here’s hoping.

Above is IGN’s simple multiplayer video, below is their developer diary. Both are well worth watching.


  • I’ve played every game imaginable and I somewhat just don’t care for Destiny.. for the life of me I don’t know why.

      • Nope, just seeing if anyone shared my opinion. I did play like a million hours of Borderlands 1 & 2 though so maybe I am all FPSRPG’ed out?

        • See I’ve been waiting for a game like destiny for a long time, first there was defiance which got me super excited but after playing it I was let down (still enjoyed everything it offered though).

          Now Destiny is coming along to be the AAA version of defiance I always wanted, tight controls cool weapons and armour that ACTUALLY makes a difference (weps in defiance from start to finish did not change 1 iota).

          While I will never pre order it after the shameful acts of developers these last few years it has me interested enough that I pre ordered from amazon to get the BETA key registered it and then cancelled the order. While I won’t know if its everything I’ve wanted till I play I’m even more excited for it than the evolving enemies in Shadow or mordor.

          • Yeah cept defiance is an mmo, destiny isn’t. Pretty big differences in gameplay.

    • I get what you’re saying. There’s something that just makes it feel like I’m being told I care about it. I’m being told it’s important. Don’t get me wrong, I’m interested in a lot of it and I feel like I’ll have fun with it, but I just feel like it’s not making a real connection.
      I think what it is is that Destiny has been big news since before there was a single bit of actual info about it. It never pulled me out of that phase because it all seems like such a sure thing. It impressed me, it intrigued me, but it never brought anything to the table that made me think ‘damn, can Bungie actually do that?!’.

      That said, I really want to see how multiplayer goes. MMOs have a strong history of PvP being a game breaking mess that just exists because it can, so having something like Destiny where the multiplayer is a much more natural extension of the core gameplay should be really interesting.

        • Yeah but it’s still seems like it’s going to fit into that MMO-like zone. Like I wouldn’t say Borderlands was an MMO but it sort of fits better with that set of adjectives than the appropriate ones. I’d say with Borderlands PvE is more fitting than co-op or campaign mode.
          It’s one of the broader things I’m interested in with Destiny. A lot of it’s been done before but if Destiny can hit the spotlight right it may just expand the gamer vocabulary to include a lot of things that were previously considered exclusive to Everquest-like MMORPGs, leading to other genres spinning them too and MMOs incorporating ideas and concepts that don’t come from the same basic inbred formula.

          • I dont agree, massive (more than 64 player), games with a persistant world = mmo. Anything else is a liar.

            I also dont agree destiny has added much to the borderlands formula. I dont agree its going to really change shit, bungee isnt good at that, they’re good at just making a nice story and cod style multiplayer and replicating it every few years.

          • Those are the sorts of strict definitions that block growth and evolution. They’re why MMORPGs struggle to do anything that Warcraft hasn’t done yet. They’re why games that blend and break rules like Borderlands struggle to get made (you can’t make a game like that as a FPS, a FPS is about shooting Nazis and deathmatch).
            They’re also the sorts of definitions that let dumb things happen. There’s currently more people playing Call of Duty than most MMOs, they may not be in the same match but they’re all connected with persistent avatars, levels, loadouts, etc. If we apply arbitrary rules about player numbers Call of Duty can claim to be a MMO. MAG fits the bill better than most actual MMORPGs (how often do you see more than 32 players actually playing together?).

            If you don’t let the language grow you end up making the same game every time, they just come from different studios.

          • Your getting gametypes confused with genres of story.

            It doesnt matter how many people are playing at one time if they’re not in the same game.

            MAG also, not an MMO, if your looking for an MMO-FPS, its planetside or planetside 2.

            It’s not about letting the language grow, its about defining what a game is, rather than pretending its something its not.

    • Did you play the Alpha on PS4? Most people (including myself) who were a bit “meh” about Destiny until they picked it up. It actually feels a lot more fun than it looks.

  • I started the alpha with the competitive and got bored quickly. Fired it up again and did the PvE stuff which got me hooked. Roll on beta!

    • I think if I do play it will be for the PvE for sure, looks waaaay to much like Halo online and that never really interested me.

      • Id be real surprised if the pvp isnt just halo online. Its all bungiee knows, they never managed to build on it, at any point in time, even with all the monies.

  • Urgh. I love Bungie, I really do. But the multiplayer just seems like another modern military shooter. They have health and shields, but they look totally irrelevant with the Call of Duty killtimes.

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