The Australian Trying To Create A Next Generation Comic Book

Comic Books are great, but what if there was a way to make them more interactive? This is what Australian artist Sutu is attempting with Modern Polaxis, the story of a paranoid time traveller who keeps his secrets hidden via Augmented Reality technology. The results are pretty spectacular.

The result is a comic book brilliantly enhanced via augmented reality.

It appears to be pretty simple: install an app on your mobile device, buy the comic in question, and simply scan your camera over the comic and watch as it's brought to life on screen.

The project currently has a Kickstarter and is looking for $9000 to try and optimise the whole thing so (in Sutu's words) the iPhone doesn't "shit itself" trying to make the whole AR thing work smoothly. A project well worth helping out I'd say.


    I think this easily falls into the category of cool idea that nobody will be assed to do after the first time. Like kinect.

    It's a neat idea, and a natural extension of the interactive comic that other people have toyed around with (eg. Imaginary Range) but I'm not sure about the practicality of it all. Comics are great, because you can read them anywhere, digital comics are great because you can read them anywhere. Having to balance both a comic on your knees and keep a digital device focused on it while on the train is not so great, limiting the places you can use the AR features. Personally, I would rather just having it all digital or use a "Would you like to know the side story at this point in the plot sometime?" embedded custom QR code type affair. Still, who am I to say this won't be to comics what Henry Ford was to transport? Especially since it's an Australian.

      I'm writing it so you can read the printed comic to get one story. Then with the AR you'll get the 'other' story. I'm keen to hear how people decide to read it. I imagine there will be a lot of back and forth between the book and the device. I can't wait to catch someone looking like a weirdo reading it on a tram or something :) I've found you can put the iPhone/iPad quite close to the page without breaking the AR, so in that sense it works a little bit like a magnifying class, which is helpful in the context of a paranoid journal that contains lots hidden clues. I think in the future, devices like Google Glass will be used to read comics like Polaxis, so this project could be stepping stone in that direction.

    I remember Tom Hanks tried to get this off the ground in Big.

    This sounds kool but its not going to be practical for the consumers. Unless its integrated using the Google Glass or some other wearable glasses that does AR.

    I think that this is a great idea, it fuses traditional comic books with the the tablet medium. There has been a lot of discussion whether tablets will kill off the traditional physical comic book. It seems Sutu's experience of visual story telling and digital arts have really come together. Trust an Aussie to think outside the box and come up with an original idea.

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