The Comic Book Humble Bundle Is The Best Bundle In Years

The Comic Book Humble Bundle Is The Best Bundle In Years

The Humble Bundle team is best known for its indie video game bundles, but they have been known to step outside the gaming realm. When they do, it tends to be pretty special. This is definitely the case with the Humble Image Comics Bundle 2.

If you pay more than the average — currently sitting at $13.99 — you get…

— Alex + Ada Volume 1 (five issues)
— Deadly Class Volume 1 (six issues)
— C.O.W.L Volume 1 (five issues)
— Elephant Man 226- Volume 1 (five issues)
— Minimum Wage Volume 1 (five issues)
— God Hates Astronauts Volume 1
— Genius #1-5
— Satellite Sam Volume 1 (five issues)

Along with…

— The Manhattan Projects Book 1 (ten issues)
— The Wicked + The Devine Volume 1 (five issues)
— The Fuse Volume 1 (five issues)
— Velvent Volume 1 (six issues)
— Sex Criminals Volume 1 (five issues)
— Wytches #1
— The Walking Dead Volume 22 (six issues)
— The Fade Out #1

That’s crazy enough, but if you up the ante to $18 you get some additional comics…

— The Walking Dead Compendium One (48 issues)
— East of West: The World
— Saga Book One (18 issues)

That’s 143 issues for $18 for the folks counting back home.

I’m not massively into comic books at all (although I collect a ton of manga) but I’m tempted because seems like a great introduction to a lot of super high quality comic books — the kind of comic books I see myself enjoying. Seems like an unreal deal. Apparently more comics are coming soon. Utterly ridiculous.


  • That is indeed a great deal. I’ve recently gotten into comic books, currently reading Saga – Mark, I’d consider it a GREAT entry point into the world of comics. No prior knowledge/storyline/time continuum BS required, just a great, funny, whacky, touching, insanely imaginative Sci-Fi/Fantasy yarn. Do it!

    I’m also attempting to collect the original X-men series (up to issue 142 now) but the Masterwork collections are getting very hard to find due to no reprints.

  • Shame you missed the previous Image Comics bundle, Mark. I think almost every comic series was Eisner award nominated, which is like Oscar nominated for the comic world. I never read comics before that – except for a few graphic novels, and now I’m hooked. Image are incredible.

    P.S. Saga, Lazarus, Nowhere Men, East of West and Black Science are my favourites

  • Crap, there’s a lot of crossover here from the Skybound bundle they had a while back, The Walking Dead, The Manhattan Projects, Saga.

  • $18 for Book 1 of Saga alone is pretty good, it’s going for $40 on comixology right now (that’s the “deluxe edition”, not sure what else is included in that though).

  • Saga is awesome! And I would also recommend anything else by Brian K Vaughan too (Runaways, Y the Last Man, Ex Machina). Joss Whedon even did a stint on Runaways, as he was a massive fan 🙂

  • I really wish that for these bundles they allowed you to pick a number of them and pay for that number. I’m only interested in Saga, Sex Criminals and the Walking Dead, and while getting them all surely will allow me to discover one or two other things that I will like, the reality is that I will end never reading like 80% of those titles.

  • I’ve bought the last 11 Humble Comics bundles, the Transformers comics bundle I skipped. I pay $15 – $20 to get all the comics, so far only the Horror Bundle has had e-books as well as comics although they sometimes have e-book and audiobook bundles. Most bundles have at least one full series too. When the bundles have 2 – 3 days left the extra comics that are added are usually parts of the series in that bundle. Download the comics as PDFs, put them on an iPad and bang, reading material for all occasions. My only gripe is most of the charities Humble supports are not international.

  • @pylgrim There are three tiers for the bundles and you can pick and choose what you want to download so it is totally worth it. There are more coming that get added on the second week (typically Tuesdays)

    @serial_t Most of the comic based charities do tend to support the artists and writers in the US comics industry – but to be fair, that’s where the publisher’s supplying the content are mainly located.

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