The Thunder God Raiden Returns In Mortal Kombat X

The Thunder God Raiden Returns In Mortal Kombat X

Video: Following today’s Injustice: Gods Among Us finals at EVO, Netherrealm Studios’ Ed Boon took the stage to reveal the return of Raiden in next year’s Mortal Kombat X. As if they’d do anything without him. Excuse the stuttery vid — this was capped from the stream, so it’s — let’s just say it’s special. Still, nice to see the guy from Big Trouble in Little China is still getting work.

Update: Added nicer vid, courtesy of MKIceAndFire.

Update 2: Swapped out IGN’s vid, as it doesn’t have screaming at the end.


  • I like his look in this one, and his 3 fighting styles are interesting, especially the lightening trap one. There is always the chance of him not being in a game though, he wasn’t in MK3 or Ultimate MK3.

    Hope they release his character wallpaper soon

  • Did they really need to reveal this? Who would have possibly thought raiden might not be in the game?

          • They are doing this with all the characters, I think the only reason this one was hyped up is because it was announced at EVO 2014.

            All previous characters have had a reveal video and wallpaper (still waiting on Raidens). The thing is, no one is surprised by this announcement because we expect Raiden, if they had announced someone else there wouldn’t the same fuss.

    • Nintendo “reveals” characters for Smash Bros in much the same way, although perhaps not always in as prominent a location.

  • The more I see of the fatalities, the more I think this is going to be banned even with the new rating.

    • Why?

      They are no more violent than the last MK, there is no sexual violence involved, or drug use.
      The game is no more violent as far as I can tell than the previous MK. XRay moves haven’t changed. The Xray Cam in Sniper Elite is more violent, the violence in that is more realistic than what is in MK.

      • It’s not going to be banned, but to be fair we’re still very inconsistent on what we do and don’t ban at this point.

        But no, it won’t be.

      • I disagree in regards to Sniper Elite. Everything is static, occasionally a few bones break but you don’t see anywhere near the same level as gore as you do in a Mortal Kombat game. It’s pretty much the exact same skeletal/muscle system setup with exactly the same effects every single time. Whereas in MK we’ve seen scorpion blow a chunk out of someone, reach through and snap their spine; the X-Ray move in this very trailer is far more violent than anything I’ve seen in any Sniper Elite game.

        • In the last game, each character had only a single X-ray move. So if you were playing through the tournament, you’d be seeing the same animation over and over as you use this move. There was a bit of variety as you played against different characters, but it doesn’t take long before the novelty of those moves wear off too.

          I think Mortal Kombat also benefits from the fantasy setting. If there was a mode where you could rip the spine out of historical figures, it might be viewed differently

    • I haven’t been following this super closely, but I’m pretty sure it’s PS4/XO only, and they’re both region free (for games), so I don’t see it affecting many people even if it is banned.

    • I just wish the government would understand that we have the ability to choose what’s to violent or sexual ourselves. We don’t need a bunch of prudes making moral judgements for us. If anything doesn’t fall under r18 make it x rated.

      • The following things will get a game banned based on sex

        Depictions of actual sexual activity are not permitted.
        Depictions of simulated sexual activity that are explicit and realistic are not permitted.
        Depictions of practices such as bestiality.
        Gratuitous, exploitative or offensive depictions of:
        (i) activity accompanied by fetishes or practices which are offensive or abhorrent;
        (ii) incest fantasies or other fantasies which are offensive or abhorrent.

        and for Crime/Violence

        Detailed instruction or promotion in matters of crime or violence.
        The promotion or provision of instruction in paedophile activity.
        Descriptions or depictions of child sexual abuse or any other exploitative or offensive descriptions or depictions involving a person who is, or appears to be, a child under 18 years.

        Simulated sex is permitted unless it explicit or realistic
        High impact violence that is, in context, frequently gratuitous, exploitative and offensive to a reasonable adult will not be permitted.
        Implied sexual violence that is visually depicted, interactive, not justified by context or related to incentives or rewards is not permitted.

        Everything that is not permitted is fair, I don’t want to see rape in a game, or any other form of sexual abuse. If you wish to see that sort of thing you might want to seek help.

        None of the violence in MK would fall under that category mentioned above, if it did, MK 9 would have been banned.

        • I never said I wanted to see those things either. But it should still be up to us whether we do or not. There are quite a few Movies that have rape scenes or are entirely based around a certain character getting raped. Does this mean video games aren’t able to explore these types of narratives?

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