This Is How You've Been Playing EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC has been out for over a month now. How have we been playing? Who have we been playing as? Which countries are playing most. These are some of the questions answered by an infographic released by EA and the UFC.

Biggest surprise for me? Bruce Lee is the most chosen character. I found that surprising mainly because Bruce Lee isn't available from the start — unless you pre-ordered.

The second most played character is slightly more predictable. Jon Jones is the highest rated fighter on the roster, so it's sort of like choosing Barcelona in FIFA.

Other notable facts? Australia made it into the top 10 of countries who play the game most regularly. The most utilised submission is the Kimura from the side control position.


    Almost every fight I have online is vs. Jones, Rhousey or Valasquez, and they all end pretty much the same....defeat.

    You can unlock Bruce if you finish the career mode. But that would require you having to actually play that mess all the way through.

      It's actually almost the opposite of a mess.


    GSP or Condit for me. Way to many Jon Jones.

    With those submission photos i can see EA Sports Karma Sutra coming out soon

    Also first free DLC/update is out today adding ,TJ Dillashaw, Takeya Mizugaki and Tyron Woodley also alongside the addition of sprawls when defending power takedowns, updated fight finish that enables players to get in extra shots as a rival fighter is knocked out, and touch glove animations at the beginning of each round.

    I don't know what you are talking about, I haven't been playing it.

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