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On August 12, Good Game is planning to run a big Top 100 Games Of All Time type episode. I know this because yesterday I went into the ABC offices to talk about some of my own personal favourites for the show. But Good Game is still taking votes, and they've put this instructional video together to HELP YOU OUT.

(Actually they've made this video to confuse and beguile you — but it's quite funny.)

I think you should vote. Because I trust your tastes. I don't want to watch Good Game on August 12 and see that the Spawn Point audience has emailed en-masse and something like Skylanders is number 1! Come on team let's fight the good fight!


    I vote for Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge.

      I suggest... feather touch.... you have entered... power drive.

    To be honest, I don't think I could ever have a favourite game of all time...there is just too many

      I know...I want to vote, but I don't know what for!! So many favourites!

      What sux also is when these votes happen, a lot of people vote higher due to hype of a recent release title. Give it a year or 2 and a game that same person played 5 years ago will think is better than the one they votee higher for. That's how shit songs get votd so high on triple js top 100.

    Wanna chuck up a link for us lazy ones?

      You mean this one..?

        Yes I did, thanks. looks like Mark added it too, but in response to @caterpillarmitch's much more strenous Caps request appealing to both potential ignorance and laziness.

          No worries. I saw a few comments down he did infact add it after, I was late to the party here :P

    This isn't going to be disappointing at all :P

    Why vote.....everyone knows valkyria chronicles is the best game ever. I guess their might be some value in seeing what the other 99 games are........though they are letting the little kids vote so it will be minecraft 99 times if my kids are anything to go by.


    I could google it but I didn't come here to work!

      Sorry -- link added!

        Thanks Mark!

        Diablo 3 - Reaper of Souls
        Mass Effect 2
        Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

          Seriously diablo 3? of all time? Diablo 2 wasn't better? like for the time?

            Yeah shit.. Knew I should have gone with Dragon age origins

            I've just been having so much fun with Reaper of souls it's messing with my brain!

    INB4 tsunami of "WHERE'S MY GAME" comments, but I am genuinely surprised that only one Rayman game (Legends) is on the list.

    (Votes for it anyway)

    Last edited 18/07/14 10:45 am

      I have a strange urge to vote for games I like that were not already on the list. I was suprised to see Heavy Rain on there but not Fahrenheit. I liked both games, but the sad-O-meter in the latter tipped it for me.

      you can name any game you like which i think is then added to the list for other people to vote for

    The list displayed on the computer in the vid already has the number 1 listed at the top, my work here is done. Nothing can top Baldur's Gate.

      Except Baldur's Gate II!

        While i loved the shit out of BG 2, i think BG1 still holds as the best

    Ah the show where the reviews are always 0.5-1 point apart and in total agreement thus defeating the point of having dual reviewers.

      They do normally give very similar overall scores (but not *all* the time) however I find that they tend to give a nice balanced overview of how a game plays between them. The scores don't really add that that much to their reviews anyway.

        If you check the reviews a large portion of dialogue between both hosts start with "Yeah". It just to me defeats the purpose of having 2 separate hosts. I don't mean disagreement on absolutely everything, but I find it strange that there is rarely a "I think you are completely wrong about that".

        I mean look at the internet, look at metacritic (which is by no means a bible) but it goes to show the difference of opinion between reviewers.

        If they had a third like Goose in on all reviews then maybe we'd see some differing opinions, but to me its way too "Me too! I'm giving it a 6"

        (Me too! I'm giving 6.5.")

          For sure, they do agree *a lot* and they also rarely give negative reviews unless something is really overtly terrible and almost objectively a waste of anyone's time. I guess I just tend to find it a good indication of whether I'd like something or not (my tastes are pretty mainstream) if I wanted to play it. I agree that getting Goose in on the reviews couldn't hurt, like they do with Dave Callan on occasion.

            Now Dave Callan I like. He often says "Nup didn't like that".

          I think part of the problem is that they're both broadly into (and not into) the same kind of games.. like, they're both not really into sports games or driving games, both into RPGs.. that kind of thing.

          Sometimes they do give slightly different viewpoints on the same thing though, but then eventually they reach the same conclusions, which is frustrating.

          I do tend to prefer the reviews Goose gives in general, but I think that's because they get Goose reviewing the games they're just not interested in, which is sad.

          I think having two reviewers is fine without having Goose reviewing things all the time, but they really need to have people who aren't into the same kind of game reviewing things, that way you may get some proper opposing viewpoints about games and various mechanics.

            Yeah it was all being discussed on their forum... Then they closed it down... So I guess it will stay the same. Pity.

              To be fair, the discussions on the forums were merely between other forums users, as the hosts/producer etc completely stopped posting in the forums at all after the whole Junglist incident. Pretty much exactly to the day, like there was some directive handed down from up high.
              I know because I posted several passionate pleas regarding this 'same same' reviewing while the forums were still open :) Once the forums closed, I stopped watching the show, and haven't missed it in the slightest.
              For me it really went from eagerly looking forward to watching every show (during Jungs time), to watching more out of habit than enjoyment, to stopping watching entirely and not looking back, nor missing it at all. Much better reviews to be read online, as you can at least get contrasting viewpoints rather than two yes-men.

            Bajo and Hex are sh*t. If it was Goose, Dave and DARREN, I'd watch the f*ck out of that show.

      In the old show, with different (better) reviewer, there was once a reviewer who distinguished himself from Bajo and gave a reason for the score, and for the show in general. Ah, those were the times...

    Only 3 votes? Nooo!

    Also a vote like this is really "Most Popular Games", not "Best Games". Especially since anyone who doesn't agree with my picks clearly has a deffective opinion generator.

    But I wanna submit my shortlist, not just 3 of them *humphs*

    Done and done.

    Voted for Wind Waker, Yoshis Island and Tactics Ogre.

      Deus Ex, Elite, Mass Effect.

      Hard to get to 3 from a shortlist of 30... :) Went with "How Much Time Did I Spend Playing Them?" and even so, Civ 2, Tetris, Ico, AC2 and Gran Turismo failed to make the cut... TOO MANY GAMES.

    Voted for

    - Minecraft
    - Euro Truck Simulator 2014
    - FIFA 2014


    Ocarina of Time
    Devil May Cry 3
    Final Fantasy 9

    But damn it was tough to choose between my shortlist, I made the choice to include only one title from each franchise and there were classics like Homeworld, Commander Keen, Metal Gear Solid 3, Uncharted 2, Prince of Persia, Lemmings, Banjo Kazooie, Lylat Wars, God of War 1 and more. In the end I had to judge based on whether I'd still enjoy playing them today, how many times I'd replayed them, the length of time I spent with each game when I first played them and the memories I associate with them and these 3 bubbled up to the surface.

    Also if your favourite is not on the list you can get it added.

    I voted for mostly really old games that no one remembers, and will never get anywhere when most of GG's audience seems to be in their late teens/early 20s lately... but games like Starflight, and Ultima Underworld II were awesome and really influential back in the 80s/early 90s.

    And yeah, 3 votes just isn't enough.

    Ecco the Dolphin
    Final Fantasy IX
    Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

    Things like this are always tricky. There's "favourite" and then there's "important". Wolfenstein 3D is arguably the most important FPS until maybe Half-Life, but it's close to unplayable now. However, I'd vote for Bioshock or SW Battlefront over those two as far as games I prefer playing.

    Anyway, cast my vote for all the good it'll do, as it'll probably end up being dominated by Mario & Pokemon games.

      There's "favourite" and then there's "important".So true. There's also a difference between those and "best", too.

      I'd totally go Doom over Wolfenstein :P

    Picking three was impossible. So many incredible games I left off (Super Mario 64, Fallout 3, Castlevania, Donkey Kong 64, Skyrim, CS:GO, DOTA 2, Super Maro Bros, Pokemon Ruby, Civ V, to name a few). In the end I voted for.
    -Banjo Kazooie
    -Team Fortress 2

    This is an extremely modern list from me no nostalgic BS here

    1) World of Warcraft
    2) Civ 5
    3) Saints Row: The Third

    Can I vote for the game where I take Hex home for a good seeing to?

    Goldeneye, ocarina of time and metroid prime.

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